After returning home from the corgi specialty Saturday evening, I gathered the dogs to head to a NADAC trial on Sunday.  Not the smartest choice maybe, but at the time of sending in entries I was aching for an agility trial!

Lance seemed excited, but maybe a bit tired :)  He NQed in both rounds of regular, something that I don't think he has ever done!  Knocked bar in round 1 and an off course I didn't see while walking.  Round 2 had another knocked bar and not one, but two missed contact/tunnel discrimination!  No consistency either, first discrimination he took the closer aframe over the tunnel, second time he took the further tunnel over the dogwalk.

Thankfully he got another elite chances Q, the reason I really wanted to go!  It was a fairly simple course I thought, but surprisingly the success rate for others wasn't as high as I expected.  Jumpers he also did a nice job, but his tiredness definitely showed as his YPS was down to 4.4, a full yard slower than normal :(  He seemed to be having fun though!

Toller screaming loudly continued on each start line!  He did a few chest vaults while waiting for bars to be set and was quite obnoxious :)  I also felt like he was being relatively speedy out there but his YPS didn't quite show it.  I'm not sure what the disconnect was with that.  But I was happy he was happy!

First run was tunnelers and he broke his start line :)

Second run was Regular and he pulled off a jump as I sent him for a front cross I was going to do after the 180.  We just ignored the mistake and kept going.  His dogwalk was back to no added strides, but wasn't quite as extended as I would have liked.  A bit high.  He was a little naughty after the aframe as I could tell he wanted to run out of the ring and get his ball, but he listened and turned wide :)  He DID run out of the ring after we finished though and had to be called back in!  Naughty Toller!!!

Third run was Chances and it was definetly a Vito course!  The rear cross was done well before the line so that Vito was running again by the time I had to send him.  And then just a little line to the dogwalk!  This time Vito actually omitted a stride on his dogwalk!  And again was very high.  I much prefer that to extra strides though.

Last run was jumpers.  I didn't get video, but I felt as though Vito was actually running the same as his other runs.  It was a smooth run, no wide turns, skipped jumps, nothing.  But he was over time by a measly .18seconds at 4.72 YPS.  This shocked me.  It also makes me stressed about future jumpers run with him.  While 4.7 is not his fastest speed in jumpers, it's also not unusual for him.  Especially since jumpers is often the last run of the day and it's his saddest class.  In NADAC you can't run proficient 20in in one class and skilled 16 in another the same trial.  I also can't enter skilled to get the added time but jump him at 20in still.  While I'm not opposed to jumping Vito at 16, I haven't seen any added enthusiasm or better jumping style when I've done that at practice.  I also would like to keep his jump height closer to USDAA's 22in so there's not such a huge difference between trials.  But maybe this is just thinking for nothing.  A local club is going to be offering 3 more UKI trials next years that I'm extremely excited about.  If I replace NADAC with UKI than it doesn't matter as NADAC definitely has the tightest standard times of all organizations.

Oh, and Vito won the costume contest!  Will share pictures on Halloween :)

Karissa  – ( October 30, 2013 at 4:02 PM )  

The times for the big dogs in NADAC are extremely unfair, IMO, compared to that of the smaller dogs. I realize that Kaiser is a fast small dog, but there is no reason why he should get to make a million mistakes and come in well under time while my big dogs can run smoothly and struggle with 20+ time.

Secret runs 16" in NADAC, 22" in USDAA and 24" in AKC and does not seem to have any difficulty going back and forth. There is zero incentive to run Proficient in NADAC anymore, so all of my dogs run Skilled and take the height break. In an organization that has nothing to do with handling and everything to do with how fast you can get your dog to run, I figured why not give them all the height break? The awards are all combined now and a NATCH is a NATCH is a NATCH.

I notice that Vito has quite a bit of "hang time" at 20". Surely that would be lessened at 16" and he'd turn in faster times. That said, I was honestly surprised to see that he got time faults! He's not exactly what I would consider a slow dog. Bummer to be so close but just over.

Laura, Lance, and Vito  – ( October 30, 2013 at 10:51 PM )  

I really do applaud NADAC for making all the titles the same. I love that each person can decide for that particular dog what they feel is best. But yes, there is zero incentive to run proficient now, and there's rarely any 20in dogs now.

Thanks for sharing that Secret does well going from 16 to 24. I haven't noticed any difference in Vito from going to 16 to 20 occasionally in practice. But he does usually need a bit of practice at 22 before going to a USDAA trial. Not a ton at all, but at least a 1-3 sessions at 22in the two weeks prior.

This is the first time Vito hasn't made time. But it's also the first time he's finally in Elite instead of Open for jumpers and he has been close sometimes in open. He has no problem making time in any of the other classes, especially regular and touch n go.

Muttsandaklutz  – ( November 1, 2013 at 7:58 PM )  

I love his startline scream! Must be music to your ears :)

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