UDX leg #6, Placements!

Saturday Utility
Lance was on!  Much improved fronts and finishes and pretty good heeling.
Main points lost were for barking on one of the go outs, for doing a very poor glove pivot, and one detour on a finish to look at the other ring where a friend was competing.
Biggest pros were much improved fronts and finishes.  Pretty good heeling.  Remembering his sits on the go outs and nailing his signals.

Lance ended up in a 3 way tie for first place!  I again wasn't prepared for the run off but Lance did a very nice job.  A wide on the about turn placed us in 2nd place and a few more OTCH points!

Saturday Open
Lance was definitely a bit more off going into the open ring.  Much more looking around and a bit of stress.  Heeling was first and Lance had several wide moments for the first half and a no sit.  He pulled it together for half #2 and did a great job.  Fronts and finishes continued to have a higher success rate!

Best part- Lance held his sit again!  I saw definite sniffing on my way out of sight though :(

Sunday Utility
Happy, happy corgi.
Glove turn was actually really good this time, and continued streak of not auto marking the glove!
Go outs were beautifully executed again, but costly in terms of barking.  One bark on the first send, and two more barks as he took each jump.  Errors of enthusiasm!
Sadly, Lance looked up as someoen in the audience coughed as the judge was putting the first article out.  He then saw Daddy and stared lots.  When I cued his direct send and pivoted Lance didn't quite move with me.  His brain caught up a tiny bit later and he completed the turn but I had to give a second command to send him to the pile.
Other issues: Took 2 small steps as I left him on the signal stand and took a good 3 steps as I left him on the moving stand.

Sunday Open
Wow, much much better than on Saturday!!!  Lance nailed everything!  He lost a total of a 1/2pt on the heeling/figure 8 (although I think the judge was a little generous) and then had 2 fronts and one finish.  Held his stay again!
This earned us Lance's highest score ever, 198, and that score was actually good enough for 2nd place!!!

So Lance earned his 6th UDX leg on Saturday and a total of 5 OTCH points this weekend!  I'm actually starting to think that it might be possible to put an OTCH on him!

We also did the Advanced Teamwork class on Sunday and I'll write about that in another post :)

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