Vito CDSP Triumph!

Vito got to play in a CDSP trial this weekend.  The relaxed and happy obedience organization :)

Vito woke up in his crazy mode that happens some times, and more and more often.  So add the car ride, and then having to share his crate with the Labrador for the first time and Vito was a bit high at the trial.  Vito's arousal level and stress levels are so intertwined.  But instead of melting and wanting to stare at people, Vito chose to expend his crazy panting and nervous energy into work.  Warming up was amazing and Vito played hard with me.

Going into the ring he had a little moment of hesitation.  Very much wanting to look around but I was happy that he did remember his new rule of eye contact for taking off the leash, after one restart.  Going to the drop on recall was a bit of a lag and then he pulled it together nicely.  A  happy explosion to me when I called.  More looking around on the setup for heeling so I said we weren't ready and did some bouncing with my knees like I do when I'm teasing him to start in our heeling games.  Very happy heeling followed!
Retrieves were also happy!  The go out he ran straight for the corner of the box line for a quick sniff and then corrected himself to go straight.
So a Q!  And high in trial!

Vito had a much better wake up and thus a calmer car ride and calmer trial demeanor.  Hanging out and then warming up to go into the ring he was psyched.  I think he was more hyped up than Saturday and he did have 2 reactions to people.  Thankfully both were pretty small and easy to get him back working.  Stressing up is certainly easier than stressing down!

Going into the ring was even better than Saturday!  His eyes shot up to mine as soon as I reached for the leash and he only gave a very tiny glance to the judge.  Heeling was first and it was very happy.  2 little sneezes near the beginning got us a lag but for the most part he was right there.  In between exercises he was much more willing to jump up on me, and eat a cookie of course, and did happy heeling to the next setup.  Both retrieves and the drop on recall were done done at full sprint!  We NQed on the broad jump as either Vito wasn't aware of its presence or his brain remained in goofy mode as he did a tiny little hop onto the middle of it.
Best video ever:

Happiest NQ ever!  I was debating about whether to enter him in round 2 on Sunday, but after that run I knew it couldn't possibly get better!

Our precision wasn't there on our fronts and finishes either day but I wasn't' expecting anything different since we really haven't done any precision work in over a year.  Happy Toller goal was met and exceeded :)

Ximena  – ( October 13, 2013 at 3:07 PM )  

OMG, Laura!! He looked amazing out there! I can't believe what a 180 he's taken - you have done such great work with him!

Muttsandaklutz  – ( October 13, 2013 at 4:09 PM )  

What a beautiful run! He looks so happy the whole entire time :-) Congrats!!

Kim  – ( October 13, 2013 at 8:59 PM )  

Love the Happy Toller! Yay for Vito :)

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