It's the Fi Fi!!!  
Move over Gracie.  You're in the presence of the Greatest Labrador Ever.  

I stole Fiona for a few days while her Momma needed some help.  And I'm immediately reminded while I'm SO glad she made it as a Diabetic Alert dog as she is such an amazing dog and I really don't want a Labrador of my own!
So much awesomeness.

I don't know if Fi Fi is allowed on the couch in her home, but figured now that she is no longer in the puppy raising program she could be invited onto mine :)  
Notice pissed off Kitty in the background.  The coach belongs to him and HIS Toller!
 I think Vito was initially thrilled to see the bestest labrador.  We had lots of Toller zoomies while showing her the yard.

It's also been interesting to directly compare her to Gracie.  
Both are super cuddly, high drive, love to jump.
But Fiona is definitely higher energy and pushier.  I also forgot about her shimmies!  Gracie is more sweet, more submissive, especially with other dogs, and while she doesn't do butt wiggles or shimmies she does cute head tilting.

Gracie is starting to really get the whole blood sugar scent game now and perhaps will follow in Fiona and Bubba's footsteps.  I've progressed to just the gauze pad and doing more "random" hides on my body instead of more obvious cues that we're playing the game.  But because she's progressed so quickly I wasn't prepared!  Instead I've let myself be lazy and put off teaching her the actual alert I want her to do!  I'm thinking because of her Meerkating that she always does to ask for attention I will need to teach her a strong nose nudge instead of a paw touch that she is wanting to do.

Dexter  – ( February 21, 2014 at 6:20 AM )  

Good to know she is doing so well. Dexter does the shimmy too. It's totally adorable.

Mango Momma

Donna O.  – ( February 21, 2014 at 8:36 AM )  

How nice that you got a visit from her. I think it's just amazing what people can train some dogs to do. :-)

Thank you for what you do!

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