Vito CDSP Obedience

Vito had a full weekend!  After doing agility Friday and Saturday we headed over to a CDSP obedience trial on Sunday.

I didn't pre enter the show since I was waiting to see what the setup would be like with the concurrent UKC obedience and rally trial going on.  The facility is always really crowded, the corner ring has 2 shared ring sides and often has a very crowded entrance.  I was happy to see that the CDSP runs were in the west ring, even though the warm up ring was sadly being used for UKC.  Gave it a shot and entered Open C with the Toller.

Really pleased that Vito did a fabulous ring entry!  It actually got very crowded as we were waiting to go in the ring and there was a bit of a delay as I forgot that the judge would need to brief the stewards on the change in order from the A dogs.  Vito did nice in his waiting pose and bursted right out of it for some small hand touches when asked.  He even did some little grumbly talk to me :)

Kept up attitude as we headed to the middle for the mini go out.  All transitions between exercises he kept focus and his only moments of looking at the judge were quick glances while waiting to start heeling.  Not wanting to jump for hand touches but he was still happy to jump on me as I backed up.  I gave him one treat after the 3rd exercise so that he wouldn't focus on the judge coming to grab the dumbbell.

So nice run, but NQ on the drop on recall.  I'm not sure why he suddenly stood up and walked a few steps towards me.  Awards were going on in the next ring but he didn't seem to be focusing on them.  I would love a little more energy on the exercises, but am still very pleased on what he gave me!

I have also taken the big step and actually entered Vito in an AKC obedience trial coming up early March!  Our re entry back since his novice title back in 2010.  Entered Pre-Open so I don't have to worry about the stays.  I don't think Vito would have an issue with them, but since 100% of any dog line ups I can do I shove Lance in, it would be nice to actually practice them with Vito before he has to do it in a show.  Plus it's just one less thing I have to worry about.  Send lots of good thoughts our way that the Toller is actually ready for the AKC environment.   

Flash back to earning his novice title :)

Sam  – ( February 3, 2014 at 7:20 AM )  

You guys looked seriously awesome out there!

Monty and Harlow

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