UKI Agility trial!!!

I was SO excited for the UKI trial this weekend!    The corgi can jump 4 inches!  I can bring a toy in for Vito and train!  The number of trials being held in the Twin Cities are increasing from 1 to 4!

His first agility trial of the year!  I did not know at all what to expect from him this weekend.  Having only competed in NADAC since 2010 and basically being in a NADAC style weekly class, I envisioned lots of super wide turns and ah, bonus obstacles.  

Saturday we had a pretty good day!!!  Our only NQ was in Gamblers of all places.  On our way to the gamble he took a bonus aframe and proudly stopped.  Then didn't send out the table at all.  I suppose he hasn't seen a table in a trial in years!  After that run I was told some dogs do better with wet paws on that turf so I dipped his little feet in water.  Much less slipping!  He did a bit of stuttering in jumpers and speed stakes but overall ran well and listened well.

On Sunday Lance seemed to miss NADAC and our teamwork was not so great.  I have no idea what he was thinking at all in his first run, speed stakes.  Speed stakes is practically a NADAC course, focus is on speed and straight forward handling.  Lance completely blew off a simple post turn and actually turned away from me to take 2 bonus jumps.  It wasn't even a tunnel calling his name!  Then in jumpers he blew off a front cross, pre cued I might add, to take a bonus jump.  And seconds later pulled off a jump I wanted to send him to.  By the third run he seemed to settle down and while I could feel him doing some visual shopping of obstacles he went where sent :)  Q in Agility and Q in Snookers.
The only videos actually recorded:

On Saturday I decided to use a toy for our first run of the day, gamblers.  I'm glad I did because he started very slow and especially had slow weaves poles.  I surprised him with the ball after that first set of weave poles and he immediately picked up speed when we got started again and redid them.  I left the ring a bit early after a total of 3 rewards.  Agility was next and Vito was much faster!  Happy Toller aced the difficult course.  Although distances were awfully close so that I opted to have Vito do his stopped dogwalk even though the next jump would have been an easy send.  It felt like it was Less than 10ft away...
  Snakes and Ladders I was excited for because a game that involves contacts and lots of running up and down is just designed for the Toller!  Sadly Vito had a zero point run.  Snaked?  My non tunnel sucking dog went straight into the wrong end of the tunnel on the first non-start obstacle instead of taking the jump I planned.  Speed stakes was last and the straight forward course was great for him.  It felt like Vito ran one of his fastest "jumpers" run in a trial!

On Sunday the day started with speed stakes and jumpers.  I was shocked to see a happy Toller on both runs, even with the weave poles 2nd on jumpers!  Vito did pull off 2 jumps on speed stakes.  The first time when I was trying to send him and run for a front cross, the 2nd I have no idea but he yelled at me as he came in and we just continued on.  In jumpers we NQed as Vito ran to the gate as I sent him to a tunnel facing the audience.  I think he was going for his ball???  It took a few seconds to get him back but he ran happy afterwards.  Vito's last run of the day was Agility and unfortunately I felt he was a Sad Toller.  He was slipping a lot more on day 2, even with the wet feet that seemed to help on Saturday.  3 such slips were in the beginning of the run so I'm guessing that's a big reason to some of the trotting he did :(

I am very excited for the added UKI trials this year, but I'm also sadly more hesitant on whether to enter the upcoming trials.  While the next trial is being held at Soccerblast and I will for sureenter, the following 2 are being held at this same facility.  I do not feel like my dogs handled the footing well, although day 1 was better than day 2 once I got their paws wet.  Maybe there's a product I can try?

Karissa  – ( February 16, 2014 at 8:31 PM )  

I got to see all of your runs with Lance since Kaiser was always right after him on Saturday - you guys looked great and had some lovely runs.

I'll have to check the date on the Soccerblast trial, but I will not be going back to Agile Canines. In addition to bring awfully slick, there was zero cushion over concrete. I felt bad running my dogs there. I also feel lucky that I didn't trip and fall on my face on any of the bubbles in the carpet. And the poles.... padded for the dogs but not the handlers. lol

Lynnda L in Mpls  – ( February 17, 2014 at 11:13 PM )  

UKI at Soccer Blast April 19-20. [CPE in the other ring.] My cocker Ringo didn't show any problems with the footing. I've trained at TCOTC so the poles are not a concern of mine.
The training option in UKI is fabulous!

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