The Non UDX Celebratory Weekend

We need 1 more double Q for the UDX title but it was not to be.

Saturday Open
Alright run.  He had some great heeling but wasn't really working his fronts and finishes as much as he has been.  Did TWO finishes on the judge's order.  Was a little bit distracted between exercises.

But held his sit!!!  The judge started the new regulations on group stays that will go into effect this coming spring.  Total of 4 feet BETWEEN dogs instead of 4 feet PER dog.  So maybe he liked the bigger space?  When coming back to the ring he looked eagerly at the exhibitor next to him like he was expecting a cookie :)  I have been having other people feed him treats during the stays for the past few weekly line ups.

Sunday Utility
Not so great.  Very distracted in between exercises.  Heeling had several moments where he wasn't making eye contact with me.
Go outs were awful.  On the first one he went out nicely but then sniffed the ground when I cued sit. I gave a second verbal which he did sit.  Then he went on the judges order to jump and was halfway to the wrong jump before I gave my cue, took a step, and redirected him to the correct jump.  Second go out was just as bad.  He went way right, (possibly avoiding the spot he was sniffing) and started to turn early.  At least he waited for my cue to jump.
Rest of the exercises were decent but he wasn't quite as ON as he usually is.

Sunday Open
Bit distacted in between exercises.  Did a decent job on the stuff itself, but not quite there.  Only 1 auto finish on the judge's command this time, so I guess that's an improvement?!

Did not make the sit stay :(  Lied down at 1 minute.

Sunday Utility
I don't think Lance has had such an awful run in a long time.  Super distracted in between exercises and even on the set ups.
Gloves were first and I couldn't even get him to look at me.  Awful pivot but managed to get him to the correct glove.  Then for some reason he was worried about Dick and arched away from him and spit out the glove.  Did pick it up and come to front eventually.  Dick is practically a mouse in the ring so I have no clue what that's about!
Signals started out distaracted but regained focus after the first about turn and was much improved over Saturday's.  But then on the recall he looked and continued staring away when I was to give the finish cue.
Go out sends were both good.  But on the first jump cue Lance took the wrong jump.  Avoiding where Dick was standing???  On the second jump cue I purposelly sent him out to the one that was supposed to be first and he did fine, but of course the judge wasn't standing there.
Looking away again on the moving stand, but only briefly as I left him and he didn't move at all.
Going to and setting up for articles he wasn't quite focused.  First article send was good but he dropped the article as he spun around and had to research for it.  Article 2 was better.

We have our next two attempts in two weeks.  Hopefully we will be more of a team and the sit will be held.

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