Review- Smiling Dog Freeze Dried Treats

We were recently sent some Smiling Dog freeze dried treats from Natural Pet Warehouse.  We love freeze dried treats around here!  Pretty high value and since they're already dried out there's not a ton of worry about them getting stale from being left in the training bag which may get left in the hot car now and then.

Apparently I've never asked Gracie to hold a food item before.  So confused when I gave her the bag for a photo!  So therefore Gracie got the very first treats from the bag as I opened up for a very quick training session on holding items that smell delicious!


Then Vito was sad as he's normally my bag holding dog since he's the only non stomach-on-legs dog in the house.  (Although Clorazepate sure has increased his food drive a ton!  No hesitation now on food stealing behaviors!)

These are OK to give whole as they're about quarter sized.  But they're extremely easy to break up into fourths.  Crumbling is as you would expect from freeze dried treats but I've certainly had worse.
When I moved to the window to take a size picture, Gracie thought it would be a perfect time to offer her visit with reverse luring.

Vito doesn't officially know that trick but when he saw me give Gracie a reward he shoved his way in too.  The treats definitely appeased him!

Poor Corgi is too short for that trick.  But he did get bonus cookies later in the day when we were outside and sudden gunshots started going off.  Vito doesn't have any noise phobias, yet, but I quickly raced inside to grab the bag for some boom=cookies work.

Overall I really like these treats.  They're American made and have only 2-4 ingredients depending on the flavor.  Right now they're even 39% off at Natural Pet Warehouse!  Actually it looks like almost everything over there is on sale right now, so have a look!

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