The Toller's on a Roll! - CDSP

The Toller had another CDSP trial this weekend and was entered in 1 run each day of Open C.

Awesomeness.  Happy and focused ring entrance and sprint to the first exercise setup.  Enthusiastic jumping on me in between exercises and quick setups for the next one.  

- Mini Go Out: fast, straight target.  But a wide loopy sit (that he's also doing in practice)
- Retrieve over high: fast send.  But knocked dumbbell on pickup and bad front.
- Retrieve on flat: another fast send.  And a bonus jump :)  Actually I super pleased he took the jump since I do way more proofing of bad throws for the ROH and never do any training on not taking it for the ROF.  He also actually worked his front from the crooked angle and was probably his best front of the day.
- Drop on recall: fast recall.  But looked around and stood as I walked away and was slow to drop.  Bonus backing up in a down :)
- Heeling: great drive and focus.  Some forging :) Last halt was slow to sit.
- Broad: cut corner.

Continued awesomeness.  Another happy ring entry and taking off of leash.  He did go to jump on the judge though when the judge went to grab the leash from in front of us. In Vito's defense I was also taken off guard as I was already moving the leash behind me.  The happy jumping on me, quick setups, and fast exercises continued.

- Mini Go Out:  fast and straight target, another wide loopy sit
- Retrieve over high: fast and clean!  Awful front and finish
- Retrieve on flat: fast and actually done on the flat today :) fumbled pickup and bad front
- Drop on recall: I used both verbal and hand signal due to Saturday's slow response. Nice fast drop.
- Heeling: great drive and focus.  Some more forging and the last halt was again slow to sit.
- Broad: cut corner again.  This time the judge didn't NQ us, but took off 10 points.  Apparently he felt bad he gave us the wrong order ("send" vs "forward").  It didn't effect my handling in any way though.

While I had treats in my pocket in case I needed them, I ended up not giving a single cookie either day.  No additional praise was needed either!  So except for the differences in exercises (running broad jump, both hand and verbal used for the drop on recall on sun) Vito continued to show me that AKC is an option for us.

The Corgi
Lance also competed in a round each day of Utility.  I had a plan to train in the ring as needed to work on his go outs and signals since CDSP allows praise and judges are very accepting of training runs.  But Lance did a great job of working for me and I didn't need to do anything to support those 2 exercises!  Go outs were straight and all the way to the barrier (I didn't call his sits until he was in touching distance).  Signals were confident and since the distances were only about 3/4ths of the traditional (CDSP allows judges to use either the long side or the short side of the ring) I didn't give any extra praise.  But I did give him a treat after the signals each day!

I also chose this week to debut our new articles.  CDSP allows the exhibitor to do leather OR metal so there's no mixed pile.  I thought it would be perfect as he didn't have any metal ones to distract him.  Lance is doing pretty well with his little baby shoes but I haven't been mixing them with his canning rings yet as it took some time to build confidence with them.  Technically I bought the shoes as an early UDX title celebration, but as that title didn't happen as planned, maybe they can be our reward from the big NOC event.
Regardless, Lance searched the pile quickly and confidently.  He did drop a shoe on Saturday, but well that's a Lance move anyway.
So 2 Q's towards their new utility championship title.

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