The Toller's weekend

Vito came to the obedience trial on Friday and I used the opportunity to work on ring entrances in their lovely warm up ring.  The great news is that it took him only 5 minutes or so to decide he was ready to work and enter the ring for a party.  I think the last time we were at this location it was a solid 15 minutes or longer to either keep eye contact long enough for me to start or to explode out of his waiting position.  I need both pieces in order to work him.  Since it was still difficult for him to really explode into work, I pretty much just partied with him in the ring and asked for very little work other than setting up and keeping focus while I removed the leash.  I think the last ring entrance (I did maybe 4 or 5) I had him do a tiny bit of heeling.
So progress, but also shows me that he is definitely not ready for an AKC show at this location.

On Sunday I switched gears and took Vito to a USDAA agility trial.  (Thank goodness the Corgi got his UDX out of the way!).  We had 4 runs at the spot close to our house with the very tight warm up and entrance area.

Wow we actually qualified in a jumpers run!!!  It was a difficult course with quite a few wraps but Vito magically remembered how to do them from the UKI trial and wasn't too sad.

Snooker- Q
Sad Toller.  Could not find any flow since all the reds were at the start and thus it was wrap central.  Did 4 reds at 6-2-6-7 and made it through 6 in the closing before the buzzer ran.  Not happy enough for the speed needed to make it through the closing but enough points at least.

Grand Prix- NQ
Our very first time entered in Grand Prix!  It was a really nice course but Vito crashed the tire as the first obstacle.  Thank GOD for break away tires as he hit it hard.  I quickly decided to keep running as I didn't want to draw attention to the tire issue and create a possible issue for him and he seemed to run out of it pretty well.  Decent speed for him through the course although he blew his dogwalk contact!  I know Vito failed our RDW-turn training but he should have easily been able to handle this course.  Oh well.
Run starts at 15sec with our tire incident:

Standard- NQ
Really hard time starting next to that wall and I even nicely asked the bar setter to move before Vito's run as that would have made it even worse.  But a Happy Toller once started!  Pulled off a jump after the teeter and I just don't think he saw it at all so I kept running.  Same dogwalk turn and he blew it again.  On the positve side there was a double before and a triple after and Vito kept all bars up.  He has a habit of knocking bars after the dogwalk, especially if a spread.

Finally our first Master Jumpers and Snooker Q finished up our MAD title!  

achieve1dream  – ( June 9, 2014 at 6:59 PM )  

Congrats!! Your boys are just raking in the titles hehe. :D

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