UKI Agility weekend

I love UKI agility.  Super fun courses, great jump heights, and the amazing ability to declare any run a toy run.  The main annoyance for me is how level movements are done all at once versus the ability to move up in one of the games but not the other.  While I compete for fun and don't really care about the titles, it still kinda feels like a waste of money to enter in standard and games when all you really need is one more jumpers Q to be able to move up in everything.

The corgi needed 1 game and 1 jumpers run to move up to Championship so I optimistically only entered him in 3 runs on Saturday and saved his standard rounds for Sunday when we would hopefully be out of senior.  Well it wasn't meant to be.  The NADAC dog actually did very well on the courses but would occasionally take a bonus jump or tunnel on the way over his weekend events.  He ended up qualifying in 3 of the 7 runs but no jumpers Q and no Steeplechase Q either (that game would have separate).  Total errors over the weekend included 1 knocked bar, 2 off courses, 1 pulled off jump, and 1 broken start line.
Yes, the corgi actually tried to break his startline!  I'm pretty sure that is his first, and hopefully only, time he has ever moved off the line in an agility trial.  I gasped, told him he wasn't the Toller, and told him to put his butt back down.  He technically didn't cross the plane of the first jump as he realized the error of his way!

I'm very proud of how Lance handled the courses.  Especially considering he almost never does technical courses even in practice!  I guess we will have at least one more weekend of running almost back to back with Vito!
Jumping on Sat:

Vito continued his happy streak and was a really good boy!  More full speed running occurred on every single course for a total of 7 runs over the 2 days.  Unfortunately Vito said he had no idea what my cue to wrap was.  Several refusals over the courses as he would come to a complete stop in front of the jump and look at me very confused.  Or sometimes he would jump long and also look confused.  No idea where that's coming from as we do quite a bit of wraps in practice to work on acceleration from tight collection!  But the huge plus is that the confusion didn't shut Vito down.  Sad Toller did not not appear!

After his 2nd run, jumpers, on Saturday where we had a few moments of confusions on the wraps or backsides I decided to use a toy for his standard run.  Vito was thrilled and was on fire!  Fastest teeter in a trial ever!  The teeter speed even kinda carried over to Sunday's 2 runs where he actually drove far enough to the end on his teeter that he was actually in his 2o2o before I released him!  Zero death marches on the weaves, all dogwalks were in full extension, and lots of Toller screaming on the start lines!

Vito had one run on Sunday where he felt certain his dogwalk deserved a ball reward.  It was a nice dogwalk :)  I got him to continue with me but then Vito took a bonus dogwalk since clearly dogwalks=ball so we finished before the hard part of the course actually started!

I think I actually managed to get his nicer runs video taped!  Happy Toller!

For those curious about UKI, here's a coursemap from Saturday's Agility (standard) rounds.  This is Senior, basically level 3 of 4.  UKI allows transfers from other organizations so you can start in whatever level of your choosing.

There are only 2 more local UKI trials in mid June and mid August.  Unfortunately both are held at the facility where my dogs were slipping quite a bit on the turf.  We will see what I choose to do.  UKI certainly needs much more support in this area or it's in danger of going away.

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