A week with Pyra

Not quite at the one week mark with little Pyra!
Potty training going amazingly well.  Zero accidents until day #5!  Not willing to use our rock potty area yet, but she's starting to go outside pretty quickly so I will start enforcing that in the next few days rather than just encouraging the use of the rocks.

Crate training had a rough start.  I had dubbed Gracie the loudest puppy of all time but I was close to dethroning her.  Pyra would scream straight for hours and no amount of fingers through the bars or talking to her would appease her.  I admit I was a tiny bit worried.  I was all set for the worst day of work on Monday, knowing that she would likely be screaming all day inside her little crate as I worked other dogs.  And then Pyra had to prove me wrong.

She had zero tantrums all day.  No screaming, no panting, just lots of sleeping.  Even some calm look out and watch the world time.  So far Py's best manners are at work and her worse crate manners are at home!

Not so food motivated for these first few days.  Mass confusion from the other members of the household as Pyra wandered off to find a toy.

She will eat out of my hand for a bit of training but not much from the bowl itself.  And after 3 minutes or so she's done altogether.  Definitely not a labrador.  She is getting more excited though and has started finishing her breakfast on day 5.

Master agility champion already!  I don't think the breeders did a great job of that training through as she tends to pop out early ;)

True to form, Lance stopped pouting and started playing on the 3rd day.

I'm looking forward to getting to see her personality come through.  Right now she's been very confident at home and a little standoffish in public.  Very quick recovery time though and overall very social with both people and dogs.  Loves giving kisses!  Currently Py reminds me of Gracie as a puppy.  Not super sassy, but very happy and loves to play.  Calm and thoughtful in new situations.  Also very independent and willing to go exploring on her own.

Oh and I feel like she's  giant.  At 8wks she weighs 10.4lbs which is what Vito weighed at 10wks...

How Sam Sees It  – ( September 12, 2014 at 9:27 PM )  

Awww - what a little sweetie! It'll be fun to watch her grow up.

Monty and Harlow

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