Obedience trial and Pyra goes swimming

AKC obedience trial this weekend.  They were offering pre-open (same as open, but no group stays!) and I've been really wanting to show Vito in this class again since his re-debut back to AKC obedience this spring.  That was a fantastic day of showing for him so I had high hopes.

Vito in Pre- Open
Warmed up great.  Then could not get him to drive into the ring with me and even re-started twice. We had a tiny delay at the start so I tried to get a few hand touches and got nothing as he kept looking around.  Continued to have his eyes riveted on the judge during the leash hand off.  Lagging on the heeling to the point where he even went behind me and ended up on my right side for a small portion but overall he held it together.  Worse lagging on the figure 8 and had to sniff a steward.

Much improvement for the drop on recall and both retrieves. But very hard to get him to jump up for a hand touch or on me.  Setting up for the broad jump Vito's eyes were riveted on the judge and as I sent him he jumped and ran straight to him.  Possibly because he had the dumbbell?

Not a brave Toller.  Back again on Sunday to see if just a little bit of work I've put in the last 3 years can show up.

Lance in Utility
Fabulous job and attitude.  And then he decided to run towards me when I gave him the sit signal.  Curses.  Other than that he was really working his heeling, fronts and finishes.  Naughtyness only appeared on the first go out where he hovered his butt to the point where the judge had to walk to get a better angle to make sure that he wasn't actually sitting.

Lance in Open
Not as great of attitude.  Walked right up to the first board of the broad jump on the first exercise before jumping it nicely.  Tiny lag on the fast time of heeling and another tiny leg on the figure 8.  Corgi should not lag!

But held his long sit!!!!  And managed to get a 198 and 3rd place, but no points.
Lance is entered only in Utility on Sunday as I didn't want to do another group sit.

To make myself feel better about the Toller's mess I took the dogs on a walk across the street to the lake.  Didn't want to go to the nice park with the great trails and lake as I want to wait until Pyra is a bit older.  So we braved the long grass, burrs, and ticks!

Py's first time walking in non-training mode (as in not walking around the office at work, obedience club, or outside a store!).  It went great.

And then we made it to the water.

Thankfully she appears to be a natural swimmer!  The Duck found herself without ground under her a few times and didn't look like she was drowning!  Thank goodness as while Vito volunteered to teach her, I don't think any of us want that!

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