Pyra at 10wks

Pyra remains a calm and confident girl.  I'm trying to get her to embrace in her inner sass.  She's certainly bossy and super loud with other dogs!

I'm also trying hard to be good about getting Py to new places as often as possible.  Socializing a pet dog is certainly harder than socializing the service pups in training.  And I'm not going to take for granted The Duck's confidence with new things in the way that it is so easy to do with the labradors.  So we've sat outside a few stores and have had a visit to the soccer fields.

Easy going seems to be her motto in life as Py rolls over for everyone to rub her little belly in a relaxed manner.  Not jumping on people hasn't even come up as something to train for.

Did figure out jumping onto the couch a few days ago.  The world will never be the same!  Vito appears to still be safe though as the main couch we cuddle on is a bit higher off the ground and she can't quite do it.

This week I felt that she really understands the concept of offering behaviors.  Previously she learned that doing certain things got a cookie, but now Py seems to get that she is really in control and can MAKE me click.  That means learning this week is both a little more frantic as her brain starts to whirl through her options and much more purposeful at the same time.

Her old behaviors are faster and a tiny bit more cemented now.
- Spin left and right
- Sprinting into her crate
- Go mat
- Pivoting to heel on a book (and still struggling a bit with pivoting to side without help from me)
- Rollover.  Although I'm trying to get her to offer it and it's not happening yet.
- Leg weaves. Just kinda starting to get without an obvious lure.
- Hand touches.
- Shake and paw. Not quite consistent in aiming for my hand but she's sure getting paw lifts.

New learning includes
- Training with her food bowl on the ground
- Very basic auto leave its.  But not very much emphasis put on this compared to the other puppies as she is too good right now!
- Scooting backwards in a down.  Her current go to behavior!
- Back feet on a block
- Frog legs.  Struggling a bit with this one as she's just too frantic about crawling!
- Up!

Py is 11wks tomorrow and weights 14.8lbs!  Almost a 2lb gain from last week and bigger than both puppy Fiona and Gracie at the same age!

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