Drama Queen

Girls.  For the most part Zumi doesn't care if she's being yelled at to drop something, to stop wrestling with the cat, biting faces, etc.  And then every now and then Zumi will act like she's just been traumatized for life and will sulk around in the most dramatic way possible.

Crate training continues to go well though.  And this morning she finally ate her breakfast for the 2nd day in a row!  I will attempt increasing it to the size of her lunch and dinner tomorrow morning to see if she can eat more than 20 kibbles in the morning.  Life is just too exciting sometimes to stop and eat.

She can make her leap onto the couch starting this last week.  A whole week and half earlier than Py and much more petite at only 10lbs at the 9wk mark.  Several times though she has discovered how to get underneath the recliner loveseat from the back and then gets stuck under it.  Somehow turning around in that tiny space either hasn't occurred to her or there's not enough space.  We very carefully extend the couch legs out to free her and then she acts insulted.

Vito really is the best.  I let him yell at the puppies when appropriate, which is often.  But on the couch he mostly just gives an evil face and then sighs and closes his eyes to any puppy.

Her favorite toy this week.

And some great news is that Pyra got adopted by a family with 2 other tollers and will get to teach a young girl all about training!

achieve1dream  – ( December 17, 2014 at 10:23 AM )  

That's awesome about Pyra!! I'm glad Zumi is settling in well. I love the picture of her and Vito. :)

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