Zumi 10wks

The little Duck is 10wks old!
Zumi and I have mainly been working on rules of play.

1. Stop eating human flesh.  Much improvement on the face biting aspect.  But slower progress during toy play.  Zumi so easily switches toys in the 2 toy game, but her zeroing in on movement also means that an innocent hand may be sacrificed when we're not playing that game.  Or really anytime you go to pet her and she's in a toy mood.

2. Not allowed to steal the end of brother's tug when I'm playing with him, instead find a second toy.  We have many.  And it's not fun to try and get Vito to growl louder.

3. Bring toys to my hand please.  Fly bys are also not fun.

4. Drop it.  Just started this training but I'm thinking it's going to be important.

New things just started this week in our food training sessions are
1. Frog legs
2. Leave its
3. Back legs on a book.
4. Out around something.  And just for fun, changing up the way I've taught it to the last couple dogs and going with more of a shaped approach again.

Toller scream?
No, sadly Zumi was just eating a stick!

The snow pictures were taken yesterday and now the snow is all melted again.  We might have a brown Christmas after all!  I for one will not be complaining.

achieve1dream  – ( December 23, 2014 at 10:27 AM )  

She is so cute!!!! It sounds like everything is going well.

How Sam Sees It  – ( December 24, 2014 at 4:34 AM )  

She's so cute. It's amazing how active they can be at that age.

Monty and Harlow

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