Agilities!  And the Corgi got to play!

The Corgi had 9 runs over the weekend and had a blast running at Soccer Blast.  Lance loves the footing there and for the most part his jumping was great.  Only a few stutters that of course were the most pronounced on his last run of the weekend, Jumpers.  Managed to qualify in 6 of the runs but alas Chances was again not meant to be.  He really does not ever want to Q in the distance class again!

The Toller had another great weekend!  Total of 7 runs and all were happy.  Several were full speed and all had at least moments of sprinting.  Jumpers was of course his slowest run of the weekend but he did make time, barely.  And then was fastest dog of the trial in Touch n Go, his favorite class of course. Running contacts sure do help!  And while Vito didn't qualify in either Chances course, he actually did some big distance for him.  No hesitations on his own made up courses.

Zumi got to hang out in her little crate and be a good girl.  Came out several times to play tug, watch agility, and meet people.  There were a few scary moments of evil chairs, loud carts going by, and suspicious children.  Most moments passed pretty quick.  Confidence is still a work in progress and usually her issue seems to be noises.

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