Today a great battle was won in Zumi's crate training face off.  This week the tide started to turn as Zumi spent her days in an xpen with a brave doggy volunteer.  Still many, many tantrums but anxiety about being left was lessening.

At the obedience club I hauled in the xpen and moved her and Gracie back and forth across the building as I moved from obedience to agility and back to obedience.  It was exhausting but quiet-ish, especially if she could see me.

At work on Friday Zumi was alone for the first time.  No doggy friend was available to sacrifice.  Massive tantrum.  I was frustrated and didn't know what to do with her as while co-workers were being very patient all week they couldn't have screaming all day.  I over reacted a bit in my frustration, but after a stern talking to and being tossed into the wire crate next to my desk, Zumi seemed to realize the gravity of the situation and shut up.  Throughout the remainder of the day only a few verbal reminders were needed and the tantrums were down to whispers.  No panicking.  Victory was mine.

I know we still have a ways to go with Zumi's crate manners, but I think the war is starting to be won.  Thank God.

achieve1dream  – ( December 6, 2014 at 6:30 PM )  

Yay! That's awesome!!!! Sometimes the screaming is self rewarding so you do have to scold them for it. If I remember right I did the exact same thing with Jackal once. Maybe that's why he ended up doing so well in his crate hehe. I hope she continues to settle in quickly!

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