This weekend Adam and I took the dogs down to Rochester for a disc dog weekend and camping!  The original decision to go was due to Adam wanting to take a little break from work and the disc event being offered was Up Dog.  Up Dog is the newest disc dog organization and they allow rollers to be used in competition!  Since Vito's forced early retirement from disc 3 years ago (since I could not get him to safely collect for the disc versus insane launching underneath it) I thought this would be as super fun way to get him back involved.  Disc + Vito = pure happiness.  No worries, no motivation issues.  And then Vito injured himself last weekend so is on exercise restriction.  :(

Ended up deciding to go anyway and let Zumi have fun.  While I'm doing an occasional actual throw in the air for her to catch, 90% of her practice is with rollers.  I wasn't too worried about her focus with playing in front a crowd, and she only did the occasional loopy return on the first throw.

Bonus reason, I got to eat at Fazoli's for 3 days :)  I don't know why the chain isn't present in the Twin Cities!

Vito got some extra drugs for the long-ish ride down and did very well.  And then had a few panic attacks on all other trips.  And Vito got to check off a goal from his bucket list.  Neurotic dog + super loud thunder + tent = anxiety achievement unlocked.  Sigh.  Knew it was just a matter of time before Vito added another issue to his list.

Lance was a good dog like always.  But we noticed a disturbing reversal in his partial nerve paralysis.  His right side of his face has been doing so well and barely noticeable.  This weekend the left side of his face decided to collapse.  Not blinking in his lift eye, drooling lots, ear way down.  Identical to how it first started on the right side.  Not good news at all.  I'm afraid to find out what this means for Lance and if he needs surgery after all.  I don't see how it can't be related to that herniated disc.   Only positive is that it has improved from Friday to Sunday.

Always a happy dog though.  And not seeing any issues at all with his back legs.  

Will post later about Zumi's actual disc runs!

achieve1dream  – ( July 4, 2015 at 8:56 PM )  

Oh no! Poor Lance!!! I hope it continues to improve and that he is able to avoid surgery. Poor guy!!

I'm glad you survived the thunderstorm in a tent with Vito. Sounds stressful!! I hope the rest of the trip was totally awesome! I'm dying to go camping with Jackal and Chrome. Oh and hubby hehe. :D

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