Day 2 of Obedience, Rally, Agility

Sunday the trio returned to the 3 sport cluster!

After we got home from the trial on Saturday Vito started to do some whincing when getting up from a down :(  I don't know how he managed to injure himself, but it might explain his last run of agility on Saturday where he didn't want to go in the tunnel or take the frame when sent.  I was thinking it was just Vito being Vito and possibly worrying because he was "wrong" on the discrimination.  Sorry Vito.

So Sunday I was luckily able to get him massaged by a good friend and he got to visit the chiropractor before his first scheduled run.  Both thought they identified some tight muscles in his front, especially his right, but worked it out and should be fine.  So I decided to do his first agility run and evaluate.
I then almost pulled him as Vito was reluctant to jump on me and cringed into a puddle if I went to ruffle him, but again he's Vito and he's so hard to tell if he's being weird because he had just been proded a billion times and didn't want to be touched again, or if he was hurting.  Of course I show him a toy and he magically turned fine again.  So I ran him.   It went OK.  No weird striding issue and his time was right in his "good" range.  Not Sad Toller, not amazingly fast toller, but still a fast run.  And I know my handling sucked because I was worried and didn't push as hard as i usually do.  I actually had to do 2 rear crosses because I wasn't driving as hard as usual.

Since he didn't seem to bobble at all I decided to do the obedience run about 15-20min later.  Again he didn't want to be touched but wasn't showing any other obvious signs of dicomfort.  Apparently I made the wrong decision.  Vito worked hard and it was his 3rd time of entering utility instead of our usual open runs.
Heeled fairly well for the short pattern, but did look away at the judge.  Sat on the down signal but laid down when I gave a 2nd signal.  And then on the come he did quick cry as he collected into his sit :(   I kept hand touches pretty low for all most between exercises activity and he did pretty well with that.  Tried to see if he would jump up a couple times and sometimes Vito would, sometimes not.

Articles he needed a second command to leave me and then when he did he looked loss..  And then quickly found the correct one and promptly took it to the judge.  Can't say that's happened before!
Go outs were fairly straight on both sends.  On the 2nd jump he started to come straight to me but I was able to step out and redirect him.
Gloves he needed a 2nd command to go on the 1st glove.
On the moving stand he needed a 2nd command to come to heel.
Clearly a recurring theme and I don't know whether to chalk it up to confidence or discomfort.

Scratched the rest of his agility runs and saw the chiropractor again.  He was very tight again and she was puzzled.  More massaging, icing, and now we're on exercise restriction for a bit.

The corgi was entered only in the first trial for utility.  Did his down signal!!!  And then sassed at me on the sit signal to let me know he desreved a cookie for his great down I think :)  I did metal today for articles instead of leather, no issues.
Nice go outs, but he did give me a small heart attack when he slipped a tiny bit on the first jump (at 4in).  Seemed to recover very well and no issue with the 2nd jump.  I am so guarded of him now!
Gloves were nice, a quick cute little head toss on the pickups, but no dropping of either glove today.
Moving stand he moved a little bit on the exam again.  All 3 trials this weekend.
Good enough for high in trial!

The Duck only had 1 round of puppy rally today.  Didn't want to push it!  She started off a bit more distracted than Saturday, but still very nice focus.  Couldn't be happier with her performance.  Certainly crushed my goals of happy attitude and good focus!

achieve1dream  – ( July 4, 2015 at 8:48 PM )  

That is so funny that Vito took the scent article to the judge!! I hope he's okay. I wish they could talk so they could tell us when they tweak something.

Good job Lance doing his down!! Yay! I'm glad Zumi did so well too!!

My internet is being awful so I'll have to come back and watch the videos. I'm glad you do such detailed write ups. :D

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