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Spent the day at a UKI agility trial.  Love that this UKI trial is held at the soccer arena where Vito likes the big space and doesn't have any footing issues compared to the location of all the other UKI trials where Vito needs foot spray.  

Since Vito got his last jumpers leg needed at the last trial, we were able to move up to the Championship level in everything for the first time!  Did 4 runs and chose to do the first run and the last run with a secret toy on me.  

Jumpers was first and I bobbled the opening 2 jumps which would have earned a refusal if it wasn't a toy run.  So proud of Vito for recovering and running hard after I sent him to the back side again!  

Steeplechase I ran for real since we still need about 7-8 more Q's (it's on a point system) before we can move up to Championship.  So odd that everything else is grouped together but this class.  Vito was running hard!  I'm in love with this new dog who is becoming happy in the jumping classes as well as his classes with contact obstacles!  It was very pinwheely but a nice course where I could keep moving and do lots of front crosses.  Q!

Gamblers was fast and for the first time in practically ever, Vito popped out of the weaves.  It was only a set of 6 poles too!  But he was happy and when the buzzer went off the gamble was one of the easiest I've ever seen so Vito actually qualified again and got his first championship level Q!

Agility (standard) was last and round 1 was a very tricky course.  

I wanted a toy run anyway so I wasn't too worried about all the collection in the beginning making him Sad.  Vito broke his startline(!) which he is always allowed to do in a trial but it's not something he has done in awhile so I wasn't expecting it.  I bobbled the first backside a little so he slowed down, but executed the opening sequence nicely.  Nailed a tough weave entrance and got his first reward.  Then I used the teeter as an opportunity to lead out a little bit so I could get ahead for a backside after his running dogwalk.  So proud of him!  Technically ran clean so might have Qed if it wasn't a toy run!
My favorite run since he gained speed so well from such a slower opening!

So love UKI!  All organizations should follow suit with the allowances of toy runs!

achieve1dream  – ( June 17, 2015 at 11:25 AM )  

That is fantastic!! I'm so excited about his two Qs!!! Congrats!!

Kristen  – ( June 18, 2015 at 12:54 PM )  

Yayyyy! We just missed you, we were there on Sunday!

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