Obedience, Rally, AND Agility!

Day 1 of a combined CDSP Obedience, WCRL Rally, and NADAC agility trial!  All 3 dogs got to do something!  I think it's the first time I have ever done agility and obedience/rally at the same trial?  Vito apparently loved going into the obedience ring after agility!

3 Agility runs.  Another amazing jumpers run, continuing our streak of happiness about non-contact obstacle courses!  The course seemed odd for NADAC as well as I counted 6 crosses, and even the opening didn't have 3 jumps in a straight line!  Regular was next with another super happy Toller and 5.44yps for his 3rd fastest Regular run of all time.
Jumpers- http://youtu.be/JNy83wk-aUc
Regular- http://youtu.be/BAD1ecObgMc

After 2 runs of agility he headed into the obedience ring for Open.  Super super happy Toller!  Handed off the leash with focus!  Great go out!  Fast drop on recall, and I was brave and used hand signal only versus the simultaneous verbal allowed.  Fast retrieves and even had to call him off during a rethrow.  Engaged heeling, minus one look away towards the judge (steward?) during the first turn.  No cutting corner on the broad jump, but a horrendous finish.  So, so proud of his attitude and happy transitions between exercises.

Long break, then back to the agility ring for Chances.  I knew we didn't have a shot at all with the 2 turn aways on the course.  Vito almost made it the first one, and then became sad and weird.  I tried to put him in the tunnel but he wouldn't go in, then pulled off the aframe.  Not sure what was up with him, but luckily we were done for the day.

The corgi had 2 utility obedience runs.  First run was very nice and he did his down signal.  So happy!  And then confidently grabbed the wrong article, so I played with it and pretended he was correct.  I think that's only the 2nd (3rd?) time in a trial he has ever brought back the wrong article so I'm not going to sweat it.  Horrible arching left on both go out sends.  Some playing with the glove on the 2nd glove exercise.  Fronts were also pretty bad for most of them.

Round 2 was sassier.  Great, straight, go outs!  Bonus jump when sent for the article pile- confident ran to the middle of the ring, hesitated and took a jump, then excitedly saw the pile and quickly found the correct one.  Major forging on stand for exam.  Dropped the 2nd glove send not once, but twice due to too happy pickups.  But sadly only went 3/4ths of the way down on the down signal :(  Frustrating problem.

Zumi's 2nd trial!!!  She did puppy rally in April, a few days after her 6 month birthday and did very well then too.  This trial had even more focus and I didn't have to fake my way through anything, other than the around finish.  Her first lesson on arround was in the parking lot at the last trial, her 2nd lesson was outside the ring at this trial.

Round 1 had only 2 total sits and the rest was all straight heeling.  I think Zumi had 1 small glance away and 1 other time when she seemed to be doing a small gag on a treat.  Overall amazing attitude and happily did bouncing in and out of the ring when asked.  Earned a "perfect" 210.

Round 2 also had great focus and the course was a little bit more complicated with some extra call fronts, and finishes.  Kept her focus up well minus one spot where she got distracted by a gigantic painted "target" on the ground.  I decided to backup to get her focus on me although I don't think re-doing the sign was necessary.  With the redo we earned a 207.

Love this girl so much!

Kristen  – ( June 21, 2015 at 11:20 AM )  

That's crazy to have so many things at one time... the UKI and CPE last weekend was impressive enough to me!

achieve1dream  – ( June 21, 2015 at 7:44 PM )  

Yay!!!! Look at Zumi go! So cute!!!!!

Vito looks awesome too. He seems to like doing them both on the same day. :D

I hope you can figure out Lance's downs again. That does have to be frustrating. Since he's been injured and off for a while it's to be expected I guess. You'll get him all sorted out again in no time. :D

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