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Nope, I guess I didn't fix Zumi's new toy switching issue after all.  She's not blowing off the toy nearly as much but still doing quite a bit of air sniffing and now running slower.

I finally figured out that the sudden issue with her running dogwalk training is stemming from this toy switching preference.  Zumi's running bouncier and slightly less in extension because she simply doesn't care as much for the toy I'm throwing after 2 throws.  Before this epiphany came to me I recently dismantled my dogwalk again and went all the way back to step 1- 2 boards flat on the ground.  But I suppose why we work on the toy issue it's good to be at the easiest level possible.

And in other news I signed Zumi up for a working spot in Silvia's online foundation agility class!  Silvia is my hero of the agility world and I've always wanted to try a class with her.  Some structure would be good for me to start working Zumi on more than just running on a plank after a ball :)

And of course for those obedience/rally people out there, there is still room in MY online Ring Confidence class that started today!

Kristen  – ( August 3, 2015 at 10:55 PM )  

I wish I had more time to take classes! I wanted to do Silvia's class with my puppy but that's not happening at this time. And I want to support your class but I know I don't have time to keep up with anything right now. Maybe next time!

achieve1dream  – ( October 26, 2015 at 12:23 PM )  

Wow that is so awesome that you got to do a class with Silvia! Cool!!!

I hope you class went well too.

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