The Other Pets

The non dogs of the house have been giving me more grief lately.

First Kitty has discovered how the doggy door works.  Only took 8 months!  It only goes out into a small potty area for the dogs.  But it apparently needed to be a little more cat proofed.  Hopefully it's fixed now, unless he decides he can climb the fence.  He did make his first kill, a little vole, which I find impressive considering how small the yard is.  And a little stumped since he was extremely unhelpful with the mice problem we had this last fall.

And then there's our ratties.  Penelope can not be stopped from climbing the xpen.  Main method I've been using to discourage her is to try and shake the pen as soon as I see her attempting the climb.  She is fast.  And now she likes to hang on like it's just a wild ride and refuses to let go.

Then I tried the squirt bottle.  This definitely annoys her but Penelope is determined.  Now I have a very wet rat who suddenly climbs faster and more determinedly.
The only good side to the water bottel strategy is that it makes her next climbing attempts a bit harder as her paws are wet.

Evee's a good girl.

achieve1dream  – ( October 26, 2015 at 12:48 PM )  

LOL Evee's a good girl. :D I love that.

I hope you can figure out Penelope's climbing problem.

That's funny that your cat took so long to figure out the dog door. Mine figured it out fast and it's really annoying now because I can't keep her in or out (whichever I need at the time) and still allow Jackal access outside....

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