Zumi Dogwalks and Weaves

Much improvement with Zumi's running dogwalk work.  It was a brutal last 2 weeks as we dropped all the way back to 2 flat planks and yet Zumi was still not getting the concept of targeting the last 30in or so of the board.  If anything we had purposeful flying over the lava zone.  Partly complicated by her toy switching issue.  But sadly not all blame went on that (  And then miraculously she threw me a bone and decided to go back to running normally.  And even started to do some little stride adjustments to hit!

So we went back to the baby dogwalk height and started backchaining that again.  Only one lesson so far with it.  You can see we have done the tiniest bit of turn training on it too.

Hopefully future sessions will show greater improvement when we keep adding speed.

In Zumi's channel weave training she has progressed to finding the entrance from almost anywhere, with speed on the approach.  Starting work now on adding in my movement pulling away or crossing.  It's not too hard for her since the channel is still fully open so running through only takes about a second.  Thinking I'll fade the toy being thrown ahead and do some rewarding from my hand now before I make the channel smaller.  Weaves are the thing I practice the least with Zumi so it might be awhile before our next progression.

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