Day 2

Day 2 of my club's obedience trial.

The Corgi is such a good dog.  So engaged with me.  So happy.
Nailed all the exercises again for another Q in utility!  I thought he worked even better today than yesterday.  Better glove pivot.  No dropping of the glove.  Much better fronts on most of them.

Directed jumping killed us in the points though.  No sit on the 1st send, plus a bark on the first jump, and ticked the first jump.  Then the judge said I leaned when I signaled jump #2.  I have no reason to doubt the judge but I have never been told that before!

Other naughty corgi things included
- moving feet to meet the judge for her exam. Worse than yesterday
- Moving a bit after I left him on the signals (I of course didn't see it so don't know how bad)

The day did go better for Vito.  No panic attacks.  A little bit whiney in his crate, but overall very calm and relaxed.

I debated about going into the ring with Vito.  I had a very different dog then yesterday.  He was super calm.  A little slow to choose to warm up with me, but then turned on nicely and gave me hope.
Hope that started to crash when I entered the ring and Vito again fixated on the judge.

Drop on recall was first and it was difficult getting Vito to setup, didn't even want to run with me to the spot.  Vito slowed down when I cued the drop but he just couldn't do it.

Heeling was laggy and I gave Vito another cue after the first turn.  Slowly picked up and actually didn't that bad on the rest of the pattern.  Was even able to jump up on me at the finish.
Figure 8 was worse.  Much more lagging and stealing glances at the judge.

Retrieve over high lacked energy.  Ticked the jump.  Then thought about going up to the judge on the return so I called him.
Broad jump again had an attempt at visiting the judge, another call from me.

I skipped the stays again.

Vito will be taking another long break from AKC trials.  We will see if Vito decides it's ok to try it again someday.

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