Happy Dance!

Happy Dance!  I get to brag on the Toller who had a USDAA trial this weekend and did a very nice job!

Happy Toller was even breaking start lines!  And Vito knocked only 1 bar in all 8 runs.

Saturday had a very, very close gamble!  An extremely spunky and weird off course fiasco in Grand Prix along with the knocked bar.  A clean standard run, and all my blame in Snooker where I turned too early trying to do a Japanese turn.  I could have handled the threadle with a normal push but Vito loves his blind crosses!

Sunday Vito was on fire.  Partly do to throwing up his drugs in the morning.  Vito stresses up without his medication and he was a little insane for the first 2 jumpers runs of the day!  Fancy Jumpers was clean and for the first time ever he made time in that event!  Biathlon has tighter times than the other events so we've never made it before, but Vito was just over 5YPS!

In normal jumpers Vito decided he didn't know how to pull in from the wrong end of the tunnel.  But was just as happy and fast!  And Fancy Standard Vito had a great time as well.  Normal standard Vito again couldn't pull in to the correct end of the tunnel and was just a little slower overall.

The Biathlon runs!

To do list includes
- Actually doing an automatic down on the table vs standing and barking at me before lying down on the 2nd command.
- Pulling to me and to the farther end of the tunnel!
- Dogwalk contacts kinda sucked all weekend except for his last standard run on Saturday. :(

Sadly I think that's the last local USDAA trial of the year since Vito missed all the other ones this summer.  There is a NADAC trial coming up in October that I'm not yet sure if I want to go to.  Not the same without the Corgi.

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