Full Height!

Wimped out today and turned on the heat.  Sadness.  And the clock continues to tick on outdoor training time.

Zumi progressed to a full height dogwalk recently and is continuing to do really well!  Even added a tunnel under the dogwalk without any issue.  Today's session was very odd though with her striding.  She was much more comfortable the last 2 sessions than today, but cool to see how hard she's trying to hit nicely.

Remaining dogwalk checklist includes:

  1. Fading the toy she currently watches being tossed after a hoop about 20ft past the end of the dogwalk.  At one point I was sending Zumi to a tunnel afterwards and then throwing the ball and that wasn't a problem so I'm not expecting too much difficulty with throwing the toy after she does the obstacle.
  2. Better turns.  Turn training isn't as great as I want her to hit right now.  But still x1000 better than Vito.
  3. Actually listening to verbal cues of go vs left/right.  I expect major difficulties with this.  Right now the ball tells her where to go and if she forgets I threw the ball to the left/right she goes straight despite my body language and verbal pleading to turn.
  4. Tunnel/Dogwalk discrimination.  Right now she defaults strongly to dogwalk which is helpful.  But even if I'm physically in the way she does not want to go in the tunnel.

I started the aframe this past weekend.  Quickly raised from 3ft to 5ft.  Even with less than 2 feet of starting room she was sailing over the apex raise to crazy.  Today I gave her about 5ft of room to start.  I have no plans to move it higher than 5ft for quite awhile.  Zumi had her 3rd lesson today and is still unsure of how to use her body on it.  First send terrifying 1 hit on the entire aframe.  And then it rightfully scared her so she was much more thoughtful after that.

Ximena  – ( October 15, 2015 at 10:02 PM )  

I love that you video these things so often. Wow, what a difference in her stride! Sometimes crazy and other times very collected toward the end. How perplexing.

My instructor's dogwalk was taken for a flying lesson by the Montana wind, so she's cancelled all agility lessons in order to winterize her equipment. So, I guess we'll have to figure out how to use a basic plank in lieu of an actual dogwalk until winter comes and ends.

HAHA that A-frame (1st take) made me laugh! CRAZY girl!! ;) Riko is also a natural apex sailer. I *love* how beautiful it looks. :)

Danielle D  – ( October 17, 2015 at 7:04 PM )  

Looking great!! Ooooweeee that first Aframe, whoops!

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