Stand Proofing

I was recently asked if I would teach a Stand for Exam class for the Fenzi Academy so I've been working on getting some of the proofs I do with my dogs on video.  It was actually perfect timing as Zumi has hard hardly any proofing on her stand stay and Lance could certainly use some review as he has recently started taking a step to meet the judge.

Zumi got to work back feet on the balance disc while I gently pushed on her sides and rewarded her for locking up her feet.
Lance worked on an advanced proof where I let him, and encourage him, to eat a cookie I pull further and further away from him as long as he doesn't move a foot.  Very hard to do and I really have to encourage him to try!

Class will hopefully start December 1st and will work on all aspects of stands at the novice and utility level.  While a helper will be needed to work through parts of the exam, you can do much stuff without another person!  In some ways not having as much access to helpers forces me to really make the stay portion so solid that an approaching judge is just one more proof!

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