The other dogs trialed too

Alright so Vito did CDSP obedience on Saturday for his 2 very happy runs.  Zumi also did 2 runs in obedience and then on Sunday was back with the Corgi for 2 rally runs each.

Lance always loves to show :)  His first run was actually quiet. Only 1 left pivot type sign though :)
The 2nd run had the backup sign 2nd so that got him nice and warmed up for all the barking!

I noticed that a lot of his halts in the 2 runs were quite rocked back and sloppy.  Lack of training? Or a subtle sign of his age creeping up on me?!

Here's his sassy round 2:

Saturday had Zumi's 2 runs in Open.  Her 3rd trial in the open class and definite improvement but yet still a long, long way to go with her vocalizing.

Open run 1:
I need to speak up with my "yes" response to the judge for the go out!  She looked up at me during the wait, but I'm thrilled with her eye contact on me instead of vulturing or whining! No squeal on the go out send either!  I chose not to step over her on the return.

On the retrieves, you will notice my "beg" cues at the start of each one, something I've just started in this last week as it has really helped her not vulture in the agility ring. 
The first ROH my stupid too short throw did not help her calmness!  Only a little pitter patter feet!  Of course the rethrow was too much and she scooted forward.  More vocalizing on the release and a nice punch to my legs on the front.

Scooting and whining on the ROF and of course another bark on the release.  Too much for the Duck.

A very thoughtful recall though!  She actually came at a more controlled pace waiting for that down cue!
Heeling was focused nicely! 

Broad jump...  I apparently am incapable of giving the cue early enough to get a nice jump.  I always feel like I give it too early the few times I convince myself to practice it and then I end up with Zumi jumping straight over it but being so far ahead that she goes all wide and cuts me off....  Better than ticking the jump I suppose.

Run 2:
Order #1 this time.  We didn't quite enter connected.  I think I accidentally said "ok" after the leash removal and while that should not cue a toy, I'm suspicious she was looking for one... 
On the heeling she did the weird thing with wanting to cross behind me as we approach the ring gates to turn left on the far wall.  Recovered pretty well after that though.

Broad jump I'm not sure.  She's pretty much never walked on the boards before!

No scootching on the ROF, but a small whine while she looked back at me.  Barked on the send.
A little more whining and vulturing during the ROH throw and barking on the send.

On the mark for te go out I'm pretty sure she was looking for the db in the judge's hand or at least looking for a retrievable item.  And then I accidentally said "ok" again in response to the judge but thankfully she didn't fully leave!  The scream on the send here didn't surprise me.

Rally on Sunday she did runs in level 3.  Good girl.  A litlte disconnected at the start again of the 2nd run, but still listened and was fully back by the 4th sign. I was super happy that she collected for the recall over 2 jumps :)

I'm happy with Zumi's runs but at the same time I'm also not quite sure what to do for the future.  Progress has been made, especially in practice, but she's still showing the same vocalizing and feet movement on the db sends too much.  And I find it fascinating that if I throw her toy out there she usually is perfect- no vocalizing at all.  She might still patter her feet depending on what toy it is though...
I'm just not sure how to keep progressing and at some point even take it into a trial without the vocalizing!


Vito Does Obedience

Tollers had a CDSP trial this Saturday!  I was so proud of Vito that he deserves his own post!

I entered Vito in 2 runs for the first time in years.  Open and utility!  Apparently, it was even his first time doing open in over 3 years!  I wasn't sure how he would do with the 2nd run as motivation can be hard, but since he's been doing so well with energy in training and choosing to work that I gave it a go.

Open was the first trial.  So happy!!   I'm pretty sure this was by far the most comfortable he has ever been in a trial too.  He said Kristen has a very unassuming presence :)

Such cute forging on the start of his heeling.  I will never tire of seeing him do that in an actual trial!

Good old Vito still has issues with ticking the broad jump with the running version even at a sad 24in!  I was clearly never able to fix that, at least consistently.  Not that we've really done the broad jump in ages.

Skipped front surprised me with how comfortable he was acting in the ring.  Usually that shows up more when he's worried about the judge.

And I forgot to call the early sit for his go out to let me go behind.  I've been wanting Zumi to go all the way and just forgot with Toller.

Then utility in trial 2.  More happiness!! 

I don't know what was up with his sit signal.  Signals are usually turning out to be one of his best exercises, a nice change from the corgi! 
Articles happy.
Gloves I held the mark signal as he was looking at the jump for the first send and was looking at the middle glove for the 2nd send.  Definitely our weakest exercise still.  I have actually been practicing them though!


The Boykin!!

Hello Boykin!

Before you ask, no it's not mine.  I'm not that crazy!  Well I guess I am, as he's still going to be staying with us for awhile!  The Boykin, also known as Splash, is a recently donated service puppy in training! 

I know it's the worst possible time to add a puppy into my household with a 1yr old baby and getting ready to sell our house, but he's a Boykin!!  I've had a few people tell me I would like Boykins and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with one in real life.   They were on my possible future dog list and now I get to see what at least one member of the breed is like!

So far I just love his personality!  But he's also been the most difficult puppy I've ever had in my house.  Not in terms of spastic energy (you can't beat Bubba the schipperke!!!) but in terms of wanting to chew on and eat ALL the things! Yum yum! 

Yes actually trying to chew off pieces of tug toys, carpet, paper.... and swallow them.  I've had puppies want to destroy things but not actually try to ingest. 

And Splash is the mouthiest puppy I've had too.  We are utilizing xpens and very closely supervising him with Netta.  When he's excited he's like a leaping crocodile!

But he's learning rules very quickly.  Lots of opportunities to practice don't chew that, chew this.  Don't bite that, bite this.  Boykin finally cares now when I try to interrupt what he's doing.

He's actually the only puppy I've ever had to use an xpen with.  I know xpens are very common and I've recommended them to many but I've simply have never needed one.  Every place we've lived has always been so small that with a baby gate and a closed door there is just nowhere for the puppy to go and be out of sight!  I've certainly utilized crates when I have had to go shower or something.  
But Boykin is my first puppy who just needs that extra level of management.

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