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My name is Laura Waudby and I reside near Minneapolis, MN.  I share my home with a wonderfully supportive husband who allows me to have our 3 dogs, 1 naughty cat, and 2 rats.

I currently teach online competitive obedience classes for the Fenzi Dog Sport Academy! Online classes are highly effective and I wholeheartedly recommend taking courses from any of my talented coworkers! I also teach classes at the local obedience club, working with both new puppies and competition obedience classes.

I offer private lessons in person and video feedback for distant students.  Please visit
Tandem Dog Sports.

I spent 7 years as a trainer for the local service dog organization.  My job was directly working with the dogs turned in for final training from their puppy raiser and deciding what their "major" was from the 5 types of assistance dogs roles I trained for- mobility assist, diabetic alert, hearing alert, seizure response, and autism assist.  Update- And I'm back again!

My spare time is pretty much all about the dogs.

I love training competitive obedience due to the challenge of trying to make training super fun for my dogs while also keeping precision!  I am also intrigued on how to keep that attitude, energy, and accuracy in trials.  I am very much the opposite of type A and love experimenting with my training.

I have a strong goal of trying to help change the obedience culture and training techniques to more motivational based.  Lead by doing.  Due to Vito's special needs, I also have a special interest in helping dogs who tend to stress and worry in competitions.

Agility is another special sport for me.  Much more naturally reinforcing for the dogs and handler alike!  But since the agility culture is already mostly on board with R+ training, competition obedience remains a strong priority for me.

I also dabble in disc dog training, gun dog training, nosework, and tricks.

Non doggy facts about me:
- I am an extremely shy yet terribly sarcastic person.  Being social is hard!
- I've been a vegetarian for 16 years.  I also hate vegetables.  But yes there are foods out there that aren't vegetables or meat!  Mainly chocolate ;)
- I swam competitively for 16yrs.  I wasn't terribly fast, but enjoyed the challenge.  My specialty was the 200yd butterfly.

Fenzi Dog Sports

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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.- Roger Caras

Email: lkwaudby (at) gmail.com

Online Private Training: laurawaudby.com

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