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The majority of my blog posts are reflections on my dogs training.  This blog is less of a how-to and more a public journal. 

If you are interested in training with me, I do online private lessons and teach through Fenzi Dog Sports here and also blog about once a month on topics I feel may help others.

But occasionally over the years before I developed my new training blog, I  have mused on training philosophies or attempted to share training advice.  The links below are the accumulation of such.

Puppies and Basic Training
Training With Multiple Dogs
Using Reverse Luring
Focus Around Food
How to have an attentive dog

Obedience Training:
Using Marker Cues
How to train a retrieve
Using Reverse Luring to train a Hold
How to train a hold
Pivoting skills
Thoughts on stays, replicating Lance's ring trial issues 
Difficulties of a stand
Discriminating Cues

Competitive Obedience:
Acclimation and Engagement
Creating Value for Personal Play
The Experiment Begins- Taking Away External Rewards
Replicating Trial Issues
A Tribute to Obedience
Using corrections, positively 
Perfection in Training
Preparations for Obedience Trials
Ring Confidence Class
Ring Entrance for Happy Trialing
Denise Fenzi Seminar

Agility Training
Comparison of Agility Organizations
Proofing for stopped contacts
Internationalization in Agility
Silvia Trkman Running Contacts Seminar
Daisy Peel Running Contacts

Other Training:
Designing a Separation Anxiety Protocol

Other Musings:
Perfection in Training
FAQ on Service Dogs
Reflections on training- If I knew then what I know now
Ian Dunbar and Negative Reinforcement
Ian Dunbar pt 2
The Stigma of Doggy Drugs
The Ugly Part of Living with a Dog with SA

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