About Lance

Name: Lance
Full Name: Lakeway's No Ordinary Rabbit
Nicknames: Corgi, Lancey Pants, Lancelot
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Birthday: April 7, 2007

AKC Obedience: UDX, OM2, CGC
CDSP Obedience: OTCH-C
Rally: RE, RL3X-2
NADAC Agility: Elite Versatility, O-EAC, O-EJC, HP-O
UKI Agility: ISDs
CPE Agility: CL2, CL3-F, CL3-S

Arrival Story:
I got Lance as our wedding present to me and my new husband! We picked him up on the drive back from our honeymoon at 11wks of age.

A corgi was chosen as the breed since I love big dogs but my husband wanted a smaller dog. Corgis have the energy I am looking for in the size he wanted.   Plus after having a really naughty corgi at the doggy daycare I worked at I just completely fell in love with them!  After having Lance and since meeting many more corgis I would definitely own a corgi again. While they are smaller than I like I really enjoy their attitude!

Everyone who sees Lance falls in love with his clownish personality.  He smiles all the time and is amazing at charming people into getting what he wants.  You wouldn't believe that this dog loves to run since he is just such a chill guy! Even as a young puppy Lance acted very mature and almost never got into trouble. He has been such an easy dog to train in that sense! However, Lance is also very sensitive and hates to be wrong. He can easily shut down in a training session if he is uncertain of what to do.  Overall he's the perfect first dog!

Food. Other than Lance's love of anything edible, he loves playing chase me!  Always the chasee, rarely the chaser. And barking.  He is a corgi!

Pet Peeves:
The kitty. Lance is not a fan of his little stalker friend who loves to pounce on his butt!

He also isn't the biggest cuddler although he loves to be close by. We have tried forever to get Lance to sleep in bed with us but he much prefers the privacy of the open crate.  He is becoming more cuddly in his "old age" though!

Favorite Toys:
Not much of a toy dog, but I can get him excited about the chase rather than the actual biting.  And he greatly enjoys barking when you pick up a ball to throw to another dog!

Favorite Tricks:
Lance knows a lot, but his favorite tricks are rollover, beg, and high five in that order! My favorite trick of his is "pose" (cross legs) since that trick took forever for his stumpy legs to do, and then cop cop because a corgi walking on your feet is just too cute!

Future Training Goals:
Unfortunately, Lance suffered a herniated disc in spring 2015 and put our competition goals to an end.  But Lance completed my goal to get a UD, and then my new goals of a UDX and OM in obedience.  He even surprised me by getting halfway to his OTCH and getting invited to the National Obedience Championships two years in a row before his injury.  Lance taught me a lot about keeping precision and attitude up over the long run.

In agility Lance went through many contact retrains and we never quite made it to my goal of a NATCH.  So very close before his unexpected retirement :)

Lance's Youtube Playlist:

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