Vito's Halloween Agility Weekend- Happy birthday!

While I was at the Ian Dunbar seminar on Saturday, Vito was at the agility trial with Daddy.  Thank you honey :)  A bit nervewrecking for me to give up control, but well he did practice running Vito in agility for all of 3 weeks!  Actually, I was really happy with how they did.  Vito broke some startlines and got Adam into a bit of trouble with being in the right position, but overall listened nicely.  They even managed to qualify in 2 out of the 4 runs, fullhouse and wildcard.

Sunday I was able to go and retake control of my puppy!  I was very happy with how we worked, much more connected and listening then the last goofy trial.  He is continuing to pick up speed every trial and soon I hope to have the confident dog I have in practice. 

Running contacts were beautiful every single time, even with dad, and really great commitment to the next obstacle.  He was even able to do two rear crosses after the dog walk and the aframe.  We did fail on a right turn I wanted to practice in jackpot as he continued to run straight, but at least his striding was lovely!  I wouldn't say he is completely confident on the dog walks in trials, as he even did a quick sniff on it during standard today, as well as the teeter.  But really no complaints today and we even managed to get our first 100% Q rate!!!

Vito turned 2 today as well! Happy birthday little man!


The Great Dr. Ian Dunbar, part 1

I had the great opportunity to attend Dr. Ian Dunbar's seminar the past two days along with my coworkers!  He is a very good speaker and had many great points.  I am sure my friend Crystal will post a very thorough analysis of it later (hint!) but I just want to record and talk through some of my impressions on a few points I had strong views on or disagreed with.

One of the big points of the weekend was that feedback needs to be binary.  The dog really needs to know when it is doing something right AND when it is doing something wrong.  He doesn't believe that aversives need to be used, but he does want constant feedback given to the dog.  If just given negative feed back dogs and people are clearly stressed and can shut down.  If just given positive feedback, Ian says that just shaping can cause a dog to be frustrated and get easily stuck in a rut of offering the same behaviors over and over again.  But playing hot and cold, with calm negative feedback and not yelling can result in very fast learning.

My argument with this is not the logic that giving both neg and pos feedback can be effective.  I do think that a lot of dogs can do quite well with it and definitely believe that punishment doe not have to be aversive.  However, I think that when a dog is first learning something that shaping a behavior is best done without any no-reward marker.  I know that Lance especially can very easily shut down on me and that he would not want to be told when guessing wrong.  Some dogs might not care, but I think that free shaping without the negative feedback can really promote creativity and without inhibiting a dog's behavior.  And with a dog experienced with shaping and with a great trainer, there is no reason a dog needs to be frustrated and getting stuck in offering wrong behaviors.  A good trainer would have a high rate of positive feedback (click lots) and even if the dog tends to stall out there is always something little one could reward (head turns) or treat placements to get the dog back on the right track.  So personally when teaching a new behavior to my dogs I am going to stick with the positive only feedback and see no real point in his argument against with a skilled trainer.

Once a dog has learned a behavior I see nothing wrong in using punishment.  Ian tends to use mainly positive* punishment* (correction, he  uses negative reinforcement) while I still prefer negative punishment.  I agree with him that time outs really aren't all that effective and tend to be used for too long, but I think turning your back on a dog, setting dinner back down on the table, or walking away from the door can all be very effective.  But I also use verbal reprimands with commands I am sure are well taught at the current level of difficulty.

One of my bigger beefs was with Ian's method of negative reinforcement.  He terms his technique Repetitive Reinstruction in Negative Reinforcement (RRNR), at least I think I got that right.  Basically if  dog doesn't adhere to a command, let's say a sit, Ian repeats the cue over and over again while walking closer to the dog until the dog finally does it.  It is negative reinforcement because the annoyance ends once the dog does the behavior, but relentlessly continues as long as long as the dog doesn't perform.  He previously termed it Instructive Reprimands as it also tells the dog what he wants them to do.  While it may seem like nagging, Ian states that it is not.  Unlike nagging, he will persist until the dog actually does the behavior, and then he will insist the dog to do it a 2nd time for any reward.  Clearly not nagging.

I cannot ever see myself doing that with my dogs, let alone recommend it to average Joe whose dog is already used to tuning out his drones.  I have seen lots and lots of "sit sit sit sit sit SIT SIT"s in my lifetime and it bugs the crap out of me.  I don't think that repeating a command is evil, but I don't see any benefit at all to repeating it a thousand times until your dog does it.  If my personal dogs don't sit the first time, I usually ask again, possibly in a more strict tone.  If the dog does it, I tell him thank you but don't reward it since it wasn't on the first cue.  If the dog doesn't do it, I silently walk in to help the dog (if at a distance) and then use gentle guidance with either body pressure, maybe collar pressure, or usually just a look. Once I get compliance I would then ask for it in the exact same situation (or maybe a tinier bit easier).  If the original blow off was a behavior at a distance, I go back to that distance, or if the original behavior was a stand to a down, well then I make sure that position change is what I practice, not a down from a sit.  I was disappointed that in all the examples, Ian would practice the behavior again so he could reward the dog for complying, but it was always right up close and the initial misbehavior was at a distance. (*note, in my personal choices of what I do, I'm talking about pet dog behaviors.  In training for dog sports, my dogs DO always have a choice on whether to comply or not.  My goal is to make training so fun that the dog doesn't even consider not playing with me.  I also don't do the same corrections when the dog makes a "mistake" in dog sport training" that I personally use in everyday life.*)

On the other hand, with a behavior the dog does not know very well or in a situation they haven't been it, I wouldn't even bother with those corrections but would instead give him the benefit of the doubt and immediately help him out.  Or in a training session where the dog is paying attention but simply not responding, I interrupt the opportunity by telling my dog "too slow," move a few steps before he completes the behavior if it was started, and ask for it again.

I have a few more points of his points I want to write out and think over and will likely post a bit more tomorrow.  And really I did enjoy the 2 days of seminar I attended, I think it is great when a presenter really makes you think, whether you agree with them or not!  The 3rd day of his seminar is tomorrow but I will be off at agility :)

Anyone have any comments on the above?  What do you see as the appropriate usage of punishment with a known behavior?  Do you agree with Ian in that a no reward marker, or even a a bit of punishment (non aversive) is a good tool in the learning stage?

Click here for part 2


Cuddle Buddies

19 Weeks

5 Months

6 Months

8 Months
14 months
2 Years

And Luke is still feeling great.  No more incidents since the two blockages early last week.


He's Back!

Chuck is back.  Just in time for the Puppy Raiser Halloween Party we sent Java back to the kennels and grabbed Chuck from his vacation.  

Lance didn't seem to care.

He did win the Godzilla contest though, knocking down the most boxes and in the fastest time, so maybe he just redirected his frustration.
Vito was pretty upset.  Not only did we take away his girlfriend but the presence of the wiggle butt was just too much.  Lots of grumbling but it quickly turned to sighing.

As for Chuck, we have had several conversations about manners since he has been back.  Yes the leash needs to be loose always, no you can't break a stay whenever you feel like it, and a few licks are ok, but teeth is  not.


Day 2 and a 180

Another day of trialing, and Vito sure likes to keep me grounded.

Novice B Obedience:


Heel on Leash/Figure 8- 2 pts off
Is 1st heeling pattern ended up looking decent but I just didn't feel that connection.  A bit of a lag again on the about turn, but caught up nicely.  I didn't realize until done that I heeled with my arm at my waist, something I haven't done with either dog for a long time, but I don't think Vito cared.

The figure 8 wasn't bad either, but he seemed even more disconnected.  The 2nd time around he was lagging pretty bad and decided to cut in on my right.  I told him to heel and he did go on my left and proceeded to bite at his butt.  Probably shouldn't have given the extra cue as I think it just cost us more points then it was worth.

Stand for Exam- 0 pts off
I was a bit worried for this one as the nice judge got rid of her cane and hobbled towards the dogs.  A lot of dogs moved their feet to perhaps help her out a little, but Vito was good and remained solid.

Heel Free- 6.5pts off
I had to tap him to get his attention at the start and then Vito immediately lagged and twitched towards his butt.  As soon as he caught up and sat he proceeded to itch.  Vito was then very laggy and just out of it after that.  I gave another cue to heel on the return but it didn't seem to help much.

Recall- .5pt off
No stepping on my foot today :)

Long Sit- NQ
Vito was very distracted going in for the line up.  Right after the judge asked if we were ready she dropped a pencil on the ground.  Vito immediately fixated on it and as it took forever for the judge to hobble over and pick it up she told us to sit our dogs and leave our dogs in basically one breath before the pencil was off the floor.  Vito downed about half way through the stay.  I don't think the pencil drop contributed to it, but it couldn't have helped.

Long Down
Vito held it but was stressed the whole time.  Lots of eye blinking

His performance wasn't horrible, but I don't know why Vito was so stressed today.  He was laggy and scratchy the first half and then I'm pretty sure he was stressing up on the release from the heel free before the recall.  Our warm up seemed just fine and Vito was happily tugging with me and eating  the cookies.  But as soon as I was at the gate waiting to be invited in he became very distracted by the stewards and I had to fight for his attention.  I'm actually kinda glad we got an NQ today as I don't really want the title under today's performance.  I know it wasn't that bad, but attention and enthusiasm are the two most important things to me when trialing.

Rally Novice B:
Vito also had rally today.  At the start it was seeming that was going to have the same problem as in obedience.  He sniffed at the start sign instead of setting up and immediately started lagging a little bit.  I feel like was able to get him back by talking to him, but if it was the obedience ring we would have been lost.  We lost a point where Vito didn't do his automatic sit and I had to give a verbal.  Overall it wasn't bad and I'm happy with how we finished the course, but again am bummed about the start.  We got a 99 and fastest time for 1st place.


Vito's 2nd Obedience Trial!

Today Vito has his 2nd attempt at Novice B!

 Heel on leash/figure 8- 1pt off
What a great dog!  Very attentive and really working hard on heel position.  A little bit of a lag, and a peek at the judge, after the first about turn but catches up quickly.

I remembered to go the left on the figure 8, unlike with Lance, and I think this helped.  He still lagged a tiny bit on the outside turn but I tried to remember to drive though it and Vito started to pick up the pace

Stand for Exam- 0pts off
Big head turn towards the judge but no feet moved!

Heel Free- 4.5pts lost
Some lagging at the first left turn, and another look at the judge.  Much tighter about turn but I felt some nuzzling on my hand as Vito checked to see if I was holding any treats :)  The last about turn Vito got distracted by a wall and went off to sniff but quickly caught himself before I had to say anything.  Actually quite a few dogs got lost in that corner today.  And I cost us 3pts during this as I forgot to let my left hand swing enough.  When I get nervous I tend to stiffen up and heel with a straight left hand.  I think it also makes me feel safer about my dog's heel position, as sort of a target.  The judge rightfully hit us for it and it's a good reminder for me to pay more attention.

Recall- .5pts off
Less bouncy this time :)  He still steps up my foot but I dont think the judge caught it.  She did get the crooked front though.

I am so excited by his performance!  Vito scored a 197, but I got that knocked to a 194.  Everything from his debut last month was much better.  Vito didn't get ahead of me on the fast time and had tighter turns.  He did steal a few glances at the judge so I think I need to practice with a "judge" following us.  Tomorrow I will try to relax and move my arms and hopefully get our 3rd leg!


You have got to be kidding me

And it happened again.  Luke went back to the vet this morning as all weekend he continued to lick himself a ton and was constatly squatting with very little coming out.  The vet said he was partially blocked.  At least this time it was only 1/4 of the cost.  Are you going to give us a break kitty?


Damn Cat.

Luke had to be taken into the vet for a blockage earlier this week.  This is the third time he has had issues down there in the past year and he has now been diagnosed with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).  Basically it's a catch all term for cats with bladder issues and they don't really know the cause.  Luke's 1st incident involved a lot of bloody pee, his 2nd had him lying in a pool of his own urine, and this third time he was blocked and needed surgery.

Risk factors include
1. gender (male) being spayed/neutered:  Well we can't change this.

2. not drinking enough water:  Already have a pet fountain after the 2nd incident so I don't know how get him to drink anymore.  Will have to consider wet food although we really can't afford it.

3. obesity:  Never been free fed and is on a diet currently.  I don' think he's too fat at 10.9lbs although I will start feeding him even less.

4. stress:  He really never seems stressed with the other dogs and upstairs cats.  Really flaunts himself in front of the doggy visitors even.  But the 2nd vet trip happened a few weeks after we got Chuck, and now this latest one is 2 weeks after Java came home.  Maybe a feliway diffuser?

5. diet:  Currently he eats Felidae and I am very bummed that the vet now wants to put him on Hills C/D.  She agrees with me that the food is crap but doesn't know of any high quality foods that will have the nutrient level she thinks he needs.  Mainly high in fatty acids, and very low in phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium.  She did mention Royal Canin veterinary foods and at least that doesn't have rice, corn, and byproducts as the first three ingredients (just the 2nd, and 3rd...).

Thank you kitty for continuing to add to our ever growing Care Credit bill.


Java's Breakthrough???

Training Java has really had me stumped.  She obviously does not really care for food but certainly is starting to enjoy our training sessions.  I no longer have to pop her in the middle of my other dog's sessions for 30 seconds just to get her to do something.  As long as I don't spend too much time on any one behavior, I hold her attention most days for my entire training session (5-15minutes).

But training wise I have been really struggling on getting her to do a retrieve.  At the facility I had finally gotten her to mouth an object after weeks of struggling with glances, then lots of foot touches, noses, and finally open mouths.  At my house things have progressed much faster but I still could not get her to bring an object to me.  Actually all I had gotten was the opposite, pick up an object and back up!  I tried running backwards (she would drop it), leaning or taking 1 step backwards (she still move backed), shoving my hand under her (more backing), a large bucket underneath to maybe start with a "clean up" (backing up faster!), my trusty take from hand and turn game (drops immediately), starting with the item in front of me (flings it away from me), and the object in front of the bucket (stands in the bucket happily).  On the positive side I was getting more of a hold out of her in this process, albeit a mouthy one.

But the last two sessions she seems to have made a very tiny breathrough!  She let me put my hand under her mouth without backing up and even started to take a tiny step towards me with the item!  Fingers crossed that she has stopped toying with me and is going to play my game.  She certainly isn't stupid so I don't know why it's been so hard to  communicate with her!

Her other training is going ok.  Not great, but she is making faster progress.  Her favorite thing to do is pivoting on the bowl and we are currently doing very tiny pivots in heel.  We also have a very tiny tug that is just strong enough to open my light, very easy to open, cabinets.  And a light nudge to a target taped on a drawer.

Basic manners is something that is going much much faster with her!  Java is doing awesome at loose leash walking, even at the agility trial with dogs everywhere!  She was always a nut at the puppy raiser classes, but I think all our attention work and treats shoved down her throat every step of walking has been paying off!  I forgot treats for the dogs on Sunday at the trial, but Java still did awesome!


A little too much fun for Vito- CPE weekend

This weekend was another CPE trial for the dogs!  It was Vito's third CPE trial but he acted way more like a baby dog then he ever did on his first one!  He has never run on dirt before Saturday so maybe that had something to do with it?  Either way he had a blast!

I didn't think it was really possible to not qualify in this game, but we managed to do it!  Man was he reved up and totally not listening to me!  On the positive side he had a very lovely running aframe and he apparently felt very comfortable in layering obstacles, obstacles of his choosing :)

Jackpot- Q
I wanted to test Vito's dogwalk contacts in the opening section so I did it twice.  I was really happy with the results too!  Vito was a bit slower than normal on the DW but he had great striding and a good "go" to the jump.  His teeter was a nice 2o2o but then he doubted himself and for some reason stepped his front feet back onto the board.  The jackpot itself was a nice simple straight line of obstacles and he had no problems.

Colors- NQ
I lead out and had Vito set up heavily angled at the first jump.  It was very similar to the opening we did in jackpot so I didn't think he would have a problem with it, but Vito ran straight to me (and the off course tunnel!).  We also had issues with Vito taking another off course tunnel at what I thought would be a simple rounded turn of jumps.  He did start to turn with me but then changed his mind and shot off the other direction.

I was really happy with this run!  Vito was running fast but also listening!  He did kinda enter the weaves after the 2nd "wildcard" and ended up retaking the jump he had just went over so we got an off course.  He also spun between two tunnels but I was pretty far behind him so can't blame him.

Short :)  I didn't feel like there was any nice flowing course I could have done for Vito so I decided to just do the 3 7's I had planned for Lance.  Shouldn't have been too hard, just some wraps.  I was happy with Vito's lead out, another sliced one and call to heel that he did in jackpot but not in colors yesterday, but apparently he couldn't wrap at all.  We make it through 2 7's and the third red but then he took another red.  Vito just didn't want to turn tight at all.

Jumpers- Q
A tired puppy!  Vito did not tackle the course with the enthusiasm he had been over the weekend and this enabled us to qualify!  I wasn't too happy with my handling of the course but as an excuse I was expecting a crazy red dog :)

Well Vito is no longer bouncing around on the field, he's actually running and running pretty fast!  But he also isn't listening as well.  Vito is usually very responsive to my handing in class and is actually pretty easy to pull off jumps because of how sensitive he is to my shoulder pulls, but clearly I don't yet have access to that dog in a trial!  I need to remember to stand up straight when calling him and to talk to him more. I am pretty happy with how he did this weekend though, especially excited about his dog walk and aframe running contacts !


Lance CPE trial

Lance did some agility this weekend at the CPE trial.  He finished up his level 2 standard title and now is in level 3 or higher in everything running with the big boys. 

Full house- Q
I thought he leaped off the aframe, although at least he didn't land like a thud into his down.  Looking around a lot on the down too; man he hates it!  Missed the aframe/tunnel discrimination the first time around, and used the table as a platform to launch off.  I gave him a look and he did down on the dirt right away upon landing.

Jackpot- Q
Apparently Lance can't do the weaves if they are the 2nd obstacle.  This isn't the first time he has blown past the entrance.  I gave a much stricter "floor" command on the aframe and Lance went slowly down but didn't jump.  The gamble itself was an easy straight line of obstacles and Lance didn't have any issues with his "go."

Nice easy run with no issues.

Much better aframe and dogwalk in terms of not leaping, but slow to down again.  Really no issues with the course, but knocked the last bar.

I was very happy with this run.  Slower coming down the aframe again but downed nicely.  I almost sent him off course after the dogwalk but recovered immediately.

My favorite run of the weekend!  Lance was fast and had some really nice pull ins.

We went for the 3 7's in the opening as it looked pretty simple.  Lance did it just fine but knocked a bar on the last jump of #5 in the closing.  We qualified by one point though!

Really late "floors," especially on his aframe.

Lance is handling very well but we have some major issues we need to work on.  Besides his hating the 4 on the floor, he has a real problem with jumping.  Lance has started to stutter more and more and it clearly needs to be resolved.  He has been seeing a chiropractor regularly and is doing great so it is clearly a training problem.  I know I need to set up jump chutes, I just don't know what specifically to set up.  His new agility instructor has been gone the last couple of weeks so I haven't been able to ask her.  I will probably need to invest in a susan salo dvd pretty soon.


Java Boot Camp

So far Java's little boot camp is having mixed results.  On the negative side she isn't eating all of her food and she's already underweight (and I like dogs thin!).  She doesn't seem to care at all if I grab some of her kibble and give it to my boys although Lance and Vito are loving this failed plan!  

But on the positive side she is getting more excited about working for her dinner and I'm able to stretch our little sessions longer and longer.  Instead of completely training one dog and then moving on, I am doing about 1min with dog 1, then 5-30 seconds of Java, repeat until dog 1 is done, and then move to dog 2 and Java.  At first she could care less if the other dogs were eating but now she is hanging around and barging in.  My poor dogs think it sucks to have my attention divided and a dog in their face, but I'm letting her be rude and pushy for now.  Java is actually starting to eat most of the kibble I'm giving her during a training session now, as long as I keep each little section with her extremely short.  Currently I'm working on her retrieve, tugging a drawer, nosing a target, and  pivoting on a stool.

During the day I'm trying to play a lot of tug with Java.  I am a firm believer in tug of war really strengthening the play retrieve.  I think there are a ton of benefits, but the most important one to me is that it's a very easy way to teach the dog to put the object directly into your hand instead of just chucking it on the ground or running off with an item.  Of course there are many dogs who retrieve brilliantly when they are playing but have no clue how to retrieve anything other than a toy.  Java currently has only a half play retrieve and zero formal retrieve.  She is enjoying the tug sessions though as long as I keep them short :)

And on the ferret front things are starting to calm down.  We still have barriers up surrounding their cage so she can't just sit and stare.  When one happens to make a sound she is up in a heartbeat to pace and do a bit of whining.  But Java has actually been great when the ferrets are out playing!  She was extremely excited at first, and well still is obsessed, but mainly she just runs around our little basement going from ferret to ferret.  It's as if she's constantly keeping track of where they are and since we have 5 of them she is very busy!  Java has done a little bit of playing with them, but mainly it's the counting thing.


Seeing Double

Can you tell who's who?

Having Java around really makes me want another toller!!!  Java and Vito have very different personalities but I am just in love with the tollerness.

Java is very calm compared to Vito.  I can get Vito into a wriggly, talking, intense mess in less then two seconds.  Java just stares at me.

Java loves tennis balls and other toys (doesn't have a great play retrieve though) but has no interest in working for them.  Vito will do anything in order to get a toy, but looses his brain in the process so can't actually do a thing.

Vito screams when he's super super excited and talks anytime he's a little excited.  Java has yet to make a sound besides some barking at the door or whining at the ferret cage.

Both are pretty indifferent with new people (well unless Vito sees that you have a toy!) but very cuddly once they get to know you.  Both seem to have the same bouncy joy for life.  

 I won't be getting another dog anytime soon but when that time comes I really want another toller!
Oh, and Vito is pictured left, Java right.



Meet the new Chuck!

Ok her name is Java.  She is the only toller in the program and came in for her final training a month ago.

Java is going to be staying with us for a few weeks.  She doesn't seem to know much besides sit and down and progress has been painfully slow this last month at the facility.  It's hard to motivate her when she spits out half of the treats and doesn't want to play tug of war or fetch.  So she has come home with me for a little bootcamp!  My plan is for a lot of attention work and hopefully to get at least a retrieve and tug on her.  I am hoping that being in a home environment and "competing" with Lance and Vito for training time will help motivate her.

Goodbye Chuck!  Since 4 dogs, 5 ferrets, and a cat don't fit in the rented basement Chuck had to go.  No worries, he'll be back!  He is with a short term foster family right now and fingers crossed he is being a good boy :) 

Back to Java.

The introduction has been so smooth with my 2 boys and the cat!  It's amazing how calm and relaxing their intro has been.  No pouting at all and barely any angry faces!  Vito seems to just get her and the two are content to lay down and have a good chew a few feet away from each other.

No one has played with each other yet but Lance has tried!  What has not gone smooth is the introduction of Java to the ferrets.  So far she hasn't been here when the ferrets have had their playtime and has only seen them through the cage or in our hand.  She sniffs nicely and doesn't act like she wants to hurt them, but man is she obsessed!  We had to make a barricade shutting her out from the ferret cage as she just is toller crazy!  Whining, pacing, and dancing around their cage constantly if we let her!  It's her 2nd night and she's finally starting to calm down and not check at the barrier every 10minutes.  Fingers crossed that she learns to chill and is good with the little guys, otherwise this plan is going to have to be aborted.


October Goals

September Progress:

1. Get Vito ready for the obedience ring- I did have several people practice his stand for exam and that went great during his debut at Toller Nationals!  I also wanted to work on his recall and while he didn't actually step on my feet at the trial, he came pretty near close and definitely did a hop stop!

2.  Running Contacts- I wanted to recommit myself to practicing his turns of the dogwalk and I would say this was only a little success.  I didn't practice as much as I wanted to and I didn't get rid of the stick in the ground at the bottom to help him turn.  But his running contacts are looking gorgeous without any turns, and really good if he has a stick to go around for the turns.  Without the stick we're still hit and miss. 

3. Scent Articles- A win!!! I have been working the almost every day again and Lance is doing great! We're starting with the leather first now and that has made a world of difference in his confidence for the first article.  We rarely have any mistakes or any staring at me anymore!

4. Chuck- I wanted to do tricks.  Well I still didn't do a whole lot with him, but he did get his CGC yesterday!!!!  On the trick department, he is getting pretty good at crossing his paws with a target and is starting to do a backward circle.

5.  Bonuses- It wasn't a goal, but I started doing a lot more work with Vito and the frisbee this past month!  He is starting to understand the back stall and I am just starting to get off the floor when using treats as the reward.  Vito is also learning to do the stall when I have a disc out, but I am still kneeling.

I also am starting to teach him the reverse chest vault.  Right now we are using an exercise ball and having him jump on and reverse off to get a thrown treat.

October Goals:
1. Heeling-  Work on Lance's forging with the new treat position as mentioned in the last post.  With Vito I want to work on fast time (stay with me buddy!) and turns as that apparently is where we had issues at the trial!

2. Disc- I want to progress to a nice back stall even when the frisbee is out.  I want to start doing the reverse chest vault on me!

3. Scent Articles- sigh. yeah I still want to do these several times a week.

4. Retrieve-  I want to work on Vito coming in for a straight and close front with his dumbbell.  Currently he tends to sit a little far away for my liking and not always so straight.

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