About Vito

Name: Vito
Nicknames: Toller
Registered Name: Vermilion's Versatile Vito
Breed: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Birthday: 10/31/08

AKC Obedience: CD, PCDX ,CGC
CDSP Obedience: CDX-C-CH, UD-C
Rally: RE, RL3

UKI Agility: IAC, IWACs, SSS, Agility Bronze
NADAC Agility: EAC, EJC, TG-E, Open Versatility, HP-N
CPE Agility: CL2, CL3-F

Arrival Story:
I fell in love with the idea of getting a toller when I heard they were like a border collie with an off switch.  Of course that description wasn't entirely true, but as I found out more about them I really enjoyed their personalities.  Flail tollers, flail!

We took Vito home the day after Christmas and he couldn't have been a more perfect present!

Sigh.  It's about time I rewrite this.  Vito has changed a lot since he hit 2yrs old.  Puppy Vito was that crazy little spitfire who needed tons of work on attention and impulse control.  He loved shaping and would offer a thousand things at once if your timing wasn't spot on.  He was extremely confident with anything in his environment; never has pause about moving objects, heights, or noises.

However, Puppy Vito did have major "stranger danger!"   Sometimes any little change caused him to react to people even though he was always 100% fine as soon as the person got close enough where he could smother them with kisses.  Puppy Vito was also dog reactive although with early training and great experiences in doggy daycare (where I worked and was able to guide him) this soon passed.

We have also battled separation anxiety from  day 1. It has been a very long road using behavioral modification work, extreme management, and lately medication.  (To read more about click here and here).

Present day Vito is still the obsessive dog he was as a puppy but he has developed some new anxieties as well as increasing his old ones.  Vito's intensity often spills over into anxiety so he has a hard time relaxing in new environments.  His stranger danger has stayed about the same, usually he only reacts when startled.  However, he is more likely to start fixating on people at a distance in stressful situations and look for an excuse to worry about them.  Vito also developed car anxiety the summer of 2011 and became anxious about body handling.  Along with behavioral work, we currently use a variety of medications to help Vito deal with the stress of life.

Overall when in a comfortable environment, Vito is a very relaxed, low hey dog.  He prefers sniffing to running, and couch napping to working.  Vito is the most obsessive dog I've ever worked with, but in a quirky way that doesn't translate to motivation!

Balls.  Tug toys.  Balls. Chuck it.   Anything that could possibly be thrown or tugged with.  Vito is a just a wee bit obsessive!   And of course Vito loves cuddling.  He is an extreme cuddler and always wants to be touching someone.

Pet Peeves:
Obnoxious puppies I bring home from work.  People who don't know how to throw the ball fast enough :

Favorite Tricks:
Vito's favorite trick is his rebound off of my chest!  It is his happy making trick!  Barking at me was also a trained cue in order to help Vito focus on me when walking into an agility ring and not worry about the workers.  It is now unbelievably loud and awesome!

Future Training Goals:
Vito recently retired from obedience. He taught me a ton about working with a dog with anxiety and motivation issues and getting a dog trial ready.  He completed his utility title in CDSP where he learned to be comfortable in a more relaxed enviornment, even without extra rewards or praise.  In AKC he gave me several really enthusiastic and confident runs in preferred open but ultimately we still struggled with anxiety issues in the pressure filled AKC environment and did not go further.

We are still currently competing in agility where Vito does not feel quite as stressed although we still struggle with some motivation issues.  Vito started out competing in NADAC and CPE and now does USDAA and UKI.  I am happy to report he earned both organization's championship titles in 2017!

Vito started some frisbee training but in 2012 Vito retired from discdoggin.  His extreme love of the sport did not match his ability to safely collect for the disc.

Vito's Youtube Playlist:

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