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In addition to working for a service dog organization, I also volunteer as a foster.

Before getting Zumi I puppy raised several dogs from the program.  Puppy raising meant I had the dog from cute puppy stage all the way up until the dog was 1.5 to 2yrs of age and placed with a client.
These are the dogs I had the privilege of puppy raising and you will find most of their stories in the archives of my blog:

Nicknames: Fletch
Breed: Labrador Retriever (Black)
Birthday: 6-21-02

Achievements: Mobility Assist Dog, CGC
Fletcher was matched as a mobility dog for a trucker in 2004!

Fletcher was the first dog I raised for the program when I was in high school..  He is extremely intelligent and loved finding new ways to get into trouble.  He also made me look good!

Nicknames: Chuckles, Chucklet, Up Chuck, Chuckleton
Breed: Labrador Retriever (Chocolate)
Birthday: 3-20-10

Achievements: Mobility Assist Dog, CGC.
Chuck has been matched with a client as a mobility assist dog.  They  officially graduated November 2011.  He mainly retrieves items, tugs the laundry basket down the hall to the laundry room, and retrieves her leg and crutches.

Chuck is a very calm and laid back dog.  In typical lab fashion Chuck has huge wiggle butt syndrome.  He isn't the brightest dog but he tries hard and always makes people smile.  Chuck was also best friends with our ferret Zoe who he let cuddle with him and nibble on his lip.

Nicknames: Fi-Fi
Breed: Labrador Retriever (Black)
Birthday: 4-22-11

Achievements: Diabetic Alert dog, CGC

Fiona has been matched with a client as a diabetic alert dog with official graduation in April 2013.  She has the added benefit of getting to go to school as her person is a teacher!

Bossy!  Awesome drive to work, a little too much :)  Fiona loves toys of all types, bossing around other dogs, and just being rotten.  I love this dog!  She easily would have been a fantastic sports dog if she didn't have a higher calling!

Nicknames: Da Bear, Bubba Gump
Breed: Bear Cub.  Or Schipperke :)
Birthday: 1-12-12

Achievements: Diabetic Alert dog, CGC
Bubba and his mom graduated May 2014.

Bubba never stops moving.  Zoom-zoom! He thrives on cat naps of about 2 minutes and wakes up ready to take on the world.  He easily self entertains but does so loudly in grizzly bear fashion.  Getting into trouble and pretending he doesn't hear you is his greatest talent.  Jumping in the shower with you is a favorite activity.

Nickname: The Meerkat
Breed: Labrador Retriever- Black
Birthday: 12-5-12

Achievements: Diabetic Alert Dog, CGC
Gracie and her mom graduated ay 2015.

Gracie is a highly confident girl.  She loves everyone and everything she meets.  Controlled drive is her specialty.  Cuddling (or meerkating), swimming, and jumping high in the air are her favorite things in life.

Nickname: Boingkin
Breed: Boykin Spaniel
Birthday: 1-5-17

Achievements: Career Changed due at 6 months to growth plate issues.
Personality: Boing!  Very bouncy!  Opinionated!  Loves to work, play, and eat!  Eat all the things, even non edible....  

Other Service Dog Fosters

Now that I have 3 dogs of my own (and a baby!) I am primarily doing short term fostering for dogs who need behavior or temperament evaluations.  These are the dogs I've shared for a few weeks or months.  You may find the occasional mention of these dogs in my blog as well!

Speck- Hearing Alert Dog

Pippa- Still in training

Nala- Mobility Assist Dog

Yummy: Autism Assist Dog

Carson: Hearing Alert Dog
Tabor- Diabetic Alert Dog
Java- Career Changed, Pet Dog
Avery- Mobility Assist Dog

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