Rally Trials! - Saturday

Vito's first time entering competing was today!!!  First run, level 1A, we get a perfect 210!  Vito had really good attention and I was pretty happy with his heeling as well.  He was a little slow to sit on the halts and I ended up giving him some verbals.  I also realized that we really haven't done a whole lot of left 270's/360's as we went quite a bit wider then I wanted to and had some bumping.  Of course I also have to realize that he has a different body then Lance so I should probably be walking it differently anyway.

That run ended up in a run off!  I went back in and was really happy with how Vito was doing.  Then we got to the last sign in the run off, a left 270, and I wanted to tighten it up a bit.  Vito tried a little too hard and started to do a backward circle!!!  I realized then that I technically did use the same arm and hand position that I use for that trick, just without the little waggle of my finger that I usually do.  What a good boy!

The 2nd trial, level 1A, we earn a 207.  He again has really great attention and had much faster sits this time.  There was one place he was quite a bit crooked and that was heeling into the wall.  I'm not sure if that was the only place we lost points our not.  I am really happy with how he did though!

I am very happy with Lance's level of focus.  First trial, level 2A, we get a perfect 210.  Although technically it wasn't really earned as I did a halt-180 right forward instead of a 180 left forward.  Apparently the judge was so enamored with us that she missed our error.  

Second trial, level 2A, we get a 198.  Lance really did not understand the point of the call front, finish sign as he kept going straight into heel position.  It was frustrating, but the snot kept smiling at me and looking cute. On our final attempt I helped him out by pointing my hands in front of my body instead of leaving them at my side.  Earlier in the run Lance also needed a second command to sit after a down.  Other then that though I was really happy with the run.  This earned us our level two title!

Our third run was level 3A and we scored a 207.  I cost us 3 points by going on the wrong side of a sign but Lance was perfect.  I really enjoyed level 3 as it had directed jumping, a drop on recall, and a retrieve!  Super fun!

Overall, Lance did really well and we met our always #1 and #2 goals: having fun, and being attentive.  However, his forging seems to be back with a vengeance.  He has been doing so well in practice and is even allowing me to do much more normal paces rather then all slows.  But wow was his forging bad today!  I think there were several moments when his back feet were aligned with my hip!  I haven no reason to expect that tomorrow will be any better in the forging department.

Crystal  – ( August 1, 2010 at 7:40 AM )  

It's always a pleasure to see your dogs. Vito's first run was gorgeous. I was watching with two people brand new to the world of dog sports, and at least one was in AWE of you.

I remain jealous of your dogs' ability to chill (and even sleep?) in a crate at a trial.

Dawn  – ( August 2, 2010 at 7:26 AM )  

Both dogs looked great as usual. i would kill to get that excitement to heel out of Magic. I could be wrong, but I think the reason Lance is forging is that instead of looking at you by lifting and turning his head, he is almost keeping his nose straight forward and pulling his head way back to watch you. So he has to get further out in front of you to look up and back? I could be wrong, but that was what it looked like to me. Are you sure I cant give you Magic to teach for a while???? Congrats on a really good weekend.

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