The Corgi wanted to share that he too had agility this past weekend.  Friday afternoon we went to a NADAC trial where I told him he could do just one little day of an outdoor trial for me.  The weather was gorgeous that evening so I thought he would agree.

Weavers I found out his answer.  Twice on the first set out of 12 he popped out and I finally said screw it and continued on.  The next set of weaves he looked at it and then turned the other direction to take an off course hoop.  That got a Lancifer! so he came back weaved fine, and did his last set just fine.

Touch n Go was next and the first time since our little re-re-re-re....train of the contacts in a trial setting.  I was just looking for some kind've effort in stopping on the contacts, in any position!  (Technically he now has a 4 ON for the aframe and back to the 4 on the floor for the dogwalk, although he has been throwing in his super old 2o2o every now and then; but who can keep up!.)  Lance made me laugh by stopping just above the yellow on the aframe, and with a plea he came down a few more steps!  The first dogwalk he was confused and stopped 4 on, I told him good enough.  The 2nd dogwalk he did a cute little hop into his 4 on the floor.  This was the only run I got on tape.

Tunnelers he had fun and qualified despite having to run outside.

Mango  – ( September 5, 2012 at 5:50 AM )  

I love the control on the contacts.

Mango Momma

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