The Corgi's Weekend!

Due to Vito's leg injury, Lance was thrilled to be the star of the show this weekend.  On Saturday he got to play NADAC and Sunday he played in obedience.  If you watch the first minute of the utility video you will see an impressive catch by the corgi :P

I wouldn't have entered the NADAC trial if it wasn't for Vito since Lance does much better indoors than outdoors, but up to St. Cloud we went.  Our first run was Chances and it was a laughable disaster.  Lance only did about 6 obstacles and I'm pretty sure only the first two were in sequence.  He just kinda ran wherever, taking an obstacle if they were on the way to a tunnel, and then completely blew by the weave poles to exit. 

At least it seemed as though Lance was focused by our regular run.  The course was oddly un-NADACy in that other than the first 5 obstacles there were many don't take what's in front of you moments.  Our contact criteria was the same as the last trial (wow!) not that Lance actually did what we've been training on either obstacle (surprise!).  They were also the first non rubberized contacts he has seen in a long time.  We qualified with our one main bobble of turning with me too early off a hoop.

Touch n Go was our next and last run.  While I was babysitting his aframe to see if he would stop 4on I forgot I had to turn him after it and sent him straight ahead before quickly remembering and telling him that I lied.  Too late! 

Another attempt at a UDX leg!   Utility was first and I quickly found out Lance was feeling squirrley!  If you watch nothing else, watch the glove exercise from 20-40sec!  Lance sprints out to the correct glove, tosses it a little bit in the air and then actually catches it in his mouth.  Then he tugs on the glove when I go to take it.  The other exercises were not our most accurate performances but he at least doesn't try anything creative.  We sadly NQ on our 2nd go out when he went crooked and then took the wrong jump, barking at me as he made his choice.
Biggest pros- No feet movement on either stand!!!

Open was next and while he still seemed distracted and wanting to head out in between exercises, he did a pretty good job.  Biggest point losses were his slower down on the drop on recall (with accompanying grunt!) and auto finish on the broad jump.  The heeling pattern was the longest one I have ever seen, with us going down one side 4 times and 3 right turns!  But Lance's heeling is definitely improving as we only lost 1 point total between the figure 8 and pattern!
Biggest pros- Held position on his stays again!  His head was even down when I started to walk back after the long down!!!

Agile training  – ( September 23, 2012 at 11:31 PM )  

Hey those were some cool videos. Enjoyed watching the training given to the pets.

Mango  – ( September 24, 2012 at 7:37 PM )  

How effortlessly Lance does his obstacles (oh, and he followed your body perfectly after the A-frame in the second video).

Hope Vito is doing OK.

Mango Momma

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