Chuck it Agility Happiness

I was talking to a friend a little while ago at the club about the Chuck It and how I avoid using one with Vito and avoid walking the dog's where there's any possibility we can run into another person who has one.  Chuck it= brain explosion.  And then of course the light bulb went on as I clearly have not been utilizing Vito's #1 reward.  So I ordered a mini Chuck It launcher which arrived just in time for the trial this weekend.

Oh the screaming.  Vito's Toller Scream at trials has been lessening quite a bit in both intensity and duration.  This weekend he was not shy.  Although since it was an indoor trial it wasn't exactly set up to use as an easy motivator.  We made it work, loudly, and then after each run I ran outside in the cold for a few actual throws.

We got our 2nd Master Gamblers Q!  2 Q's in 16 attempts, well overdue!  I think the gamble had a pretty high success rate on the teeter-switch away to the far end of the tunnel.  Most people drew their dog over the line to them and then resent them out from a stand still but Vito doesn't exactly go far from me in trials.  We ran it "in flow" and he actually did it without any hesitation.

Standard was a nice happy run.  Normal slower trial teeter, weaves, and table but overall he was running on his faster side.  Knocked a bar right on a front cross right after the teeter and it looked like just a really awkward take off.

Last run of the day was our 2nd time attempting Fancy Standard and our 2nd Q!  Fun and fast course with quite a few off course opportunities but not a ton of collection needed.

First run of the day was snooker and apparently it was too early for both of us.  Not nearly as much screaming as Saturday and  I over-snookered and took Vito by a jump in a 3 part combo.  Realized my mistake and was able to smoothly correct it, but then that put me on a different line and my plan briefly fell out for a second.  Just as it came back to me Vito jumped the wrong way and then back jumped to come back to me.

Next run was Steeplechase and he was screaming loudly again!  Nice, happy run except for knocking a bar on a 180.

Our last run was Standard and this had even more screaming.  And then Vito RAN!  He even did his teeter faster and then loudly sassed me on table!  Sadly he knocked the second to last bar.  Definetly my favorite run of the weekend though!

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