Teething issue?

A part of me is wondering if Zumi's sudden decreased interest in her food is due to her teething.  She started losing her puppy teeth a few weeks ago but maybe they're bothering her more now.  Even at home Zumi is slower to eat breakfast and chewing her food more carefully versus inhaling. Not that the Duck was ever Labrador like in her eating, but it was at least better!

At the club she seemed very relaxed and content as I helped out at the obedience run throughs before our trial tomorrow, but still was reluctant to eat dinner either in her crate or out.

Very happy to play tug though and content to chill on the floor with me.  Only 1 tiny bit of reactive barking as we got out of the car and somebody was walking to their car and a little bit of nervousness when the same person walked by with their clunking crates a few minutes later.

Vito is entered in rally tomorrow so fingers are crossed for 2 brave and happy tollers.  I'm certainly hoping that Zumi's food love starts to return as it will making training a lot easier!

achieve1dream  – ( June 15, 2015 at 1:53 PM )  

Maybe she doesn't care for the food you are feeding? Jackal has always been a pig that will eat anything at all with enthusiasm, but when I was feeding Taste of the Wild he was eating slow and skipping meals. I couldn't figure out why until I switch him to a different food and he ate it like he was starving. It's been almost a year and he's still happily eating this new food, so he just really didn't like the Taste of the Wild. That's probably not what is happening with Zumi, but I thought I would share what happened with Jackal just in case it helps you out. :)

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