Zumi 19wks

Zumi turned 19wks today and is 22lbs.  Still very environmental and going thru some weird stuff.  Including not wanting her food in public if stuff is going on.  Very content to work for kibble at home, work, and at the club if it's quiet.  Only wants to stare around at stuff if it's busy.  But thankfully she will play with toys still so we spent this past week playing tug with stuff going on around us.  Also doing a bit of fussiness in her crate at the club and is less willing to eat her dinner in it.

Still really, really likes people and face hugging if given the opportunity.  Worse puppy jumper I have ever had.  Gracie was a bad jumper, but she at least didn't flail her legs in every direction.

Learning this week included the start of crossed paws, more stay work, and learning a "mark"/look at a toy or food on a plate. And after weeks of working on her being comfortable with being lured for rollovers, or just being on her back, Zumi is finally good with it.

Still working on both her play retrieve actually bringing to my hand versus a quick flyby and then just bringing it in close, and her shaped retrieve of actually moving forward with an item in her mouth.

 Tollers.  Vito's such a good boy.

achieve1dream  – ( June 15, 2015 at 1:50 PM )  

She is so cute!! Sounds like the typical puppy stuff going on, but she's progressing so well. I wish we could be neighbors when I get my next puppy so you can help me lol. :D

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