4 for 4 USDAA

Vito played in the USDAA trial on Saturday.  I think it was the first time he has ever had a 100% "Q" rate at a trial!  4 for 4!

Including a rare Gamblers Q for us!  I timed my opening perfectly, sent him in a tunnel and then he actually went out to the teeter at a distance for the first time at a trial.  Held his 2o2o while I raced forward so he wouldn't curl in towards a tempting jump and Vito almost didn't release from his teeter right away.  Not the hardest gamble in the world, but challenging work for the Toller.

Standard was very happy and we were one of a small percentage who made it through.  Very sassy and slow down on the table!

Grand Prix was our first time ever entering the class and it was my favorite run of the day!  I had to support the correct tunnel entrance before the dogwalk more than I planned on and did what felt like a dead sprint to get to the end of the dogwalk!

Snooker was last and was sad making.  So many jumps and no happy making contacts.  We only made it through 5 in the closing before time was up, but our plan was enough points to qualify.

Zumi got to hang out at the trial too.  She spent most of the morning in her crate as she refused to potty outside despite several trips.  Grumpy Momma.  After her first successful outing and earned freedom for a bit she cooperated for me on all the remaining potty trips.

Very good girl hanging out ringside!  Some tugging and running with me, a little bit of play with other puppies, and some training with lunch.  Not too distracted, at least not yet, by the doggies running in the ring.  They're fun to watch but she's easily re-directed if needed.

achieve1dream  – ( February 1, 2015 at 9:46 AM )  

Yay Vito!!!

I love how you're exposing Zumi to the show environment so young. :D She's going to be such a pro.

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