Zumi 17wks

Getting close to 4 months old!  Very fun to age to have!  Old enough that I really don't have to watch her constantly for house manner stuff and potty training.  And young enough that she still cares about my opinion and isn't a bratty teenager!

Definitely in an awkward growing stage right now.  Not coordinated at all and physically incapable of running in a straight line without her limbs going in every direction!

In training sessions we didn't do any new things this week.  Actually a pretty slow week in getting meal training sessions in at all.  But we did expand some of her current trick understandings.

Drumming her popcorn tin was revived.

Kinda understanding frog legs and will sometimes do the position without a prop helping to lift up her hips.  She likes to flop on her side though and I'm trying to get her to kick both back legs out instead of just the one.

Resumed a little bit of beg training with her this week.  Zumi's getting more coordinated and easier able to hold position.  I'm happy that her natural beg position is arms down versus up in the air.  Vito likes to beg with paws up and it makes the hug a toy tricks I've been trying to teach him off and on for ages extremely difficult!

Toller only outings

Ximena  – ( February 5, 2015 at 8:10 PM )  

Wowowow is she cute! Yup right around 4 months was my favorite too. Then after that 7 months. Riko was so so so much fun. :)

achieve1dream  – ( February 14, 2015 at 11:28 AM )  

She is so cute. I love her smile in that first picture. :D

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