Day 2- Zumi's first title!

Sunday we were back!

Zumi had more awesome focus for her 2nd time in the rally ring, puppy level!  Ate lots of cookies and even did the around finish I quickly introduced to her in the parking lot!  Our score tied with another puppy so we even did a run off for first place!

And to be greedy I decided to enter Zumi in a second round of Puppy!  She continued her great focus and qualified to earn her very first title!  Not that a Puppy Rally title means anything at all, but it's super cute :)
More ribbons!

Vito- Utility
I had decided to enter Vito in utility obedience on Sunday just for fun.  Vito has done it once last summer and manged to qualify then, but I knew that chances were still low.   Just isn't as comfortable with the exercises under the pressure of the ring.

Ring entrance went well again!  And although several glances at the judge on setup for the short bit of heeling done on the signal exercise in this organization, Vito heeled well and stood well.  And then a long stare at the judge as I was supposed to leave him.  I waited a bit and Vito still didn't look back so I gave the signal anyway and Vito actually stayed put.  But frozen on the down signal, even with a second hand signal given Vito just sat.  On verbal he finally downed.  On the sit hand signal he was still frozen so I gave  verbal right away.  Did come on the hand signal though!

Bounced happily for me on the long way to articles!  More staring at the judge, but not intense enough he couldn't listen.  Worked the article pile nicely when I sent him and brought back the correct one!  Go outs were also awesome!  But more staring at the judge on the setup.  She actually was very nice and after he sat on the other end she decided to be on the opposite side of the jump he was supposed to take to lessen the pressure on him.

Gloves were hard for Vito.  On the first one he didn't pivot with me so I gave another cue.  And then he started marking wrong, so I stood up right away, re-marked, and then sent him.  Got the correct glove.  On the second set of gloves (you do this exercise twice in CDSP) Vito pivoted nicely, marked nicely, and then froze so I gave a second command which he did nicely.  The judge helped us again by not coming around behind him to observe his front.

Moving stand he heeled nicely, stood nicely, and then had to take a step forward to see the judge coming to touch him.  I chose to give another command to stay and Vito did a nice job looking back at me.

So hard stuff for Vito but overall I was very happy with his performance.  Although he wanted to stare at the judge he engaged with me nicely after each exercise finish, moved nicely to the setup, and didn't take too much effort to reconnect after staring.

Lance- Rally and Utility
Corgi continued sassiness and had another great time in the ring.  Loved doing rally and got to bark at me as the bonus sign was the call front-back up 3 steps.

In utility Lance was on the edge of anticipation in everything but managed to qualify with a nice score.  Did all his signals the first time :)  On the first go out he started to sprint off before the judge even asked if we were ready.  And on the moving stand I'm pretty sure he started to move as soon as the judge told me to call to heel.  Otherwise it was nicely done and he worked a bit harder at finding a proper front and had nice finishes.

I had the jumps at 4in in obedience and on the ground in rally all trial but Lance didn't have any issues.  He over jumped them all and was excited.  I have done zero jumping with Lance since his injury as I'm still not sure what our plan is going to be.  I did enter Lance in the AKC obedience trial next weekend.  Sunday only, and utility only.  Not sure that I want him doing the broad jump right now, and I don't want to worry about the sit stay anyway.  I'm not entirely sure that I won't pull before the event, but right now I think things are looking good for Lance's return to AKC obedience.  At least physically and with attitude, not so sure he has any sense of precision back!

achieve1dream  – ( June 15, 2015 at 7:57 PM )  

Aww I'm so excited Lance is back to competing and is so excited about it. :D

Also congrats to Zumi!!! That is so awesome!! I love the pictures of her holding the ribbons. So cute!

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