Zumi's first trial!

Our club hosted a cynosport rally and CDSP obedience trial this weekend.  Always great organizations for creating happiness in the ring with their allowance of treats during certain portions!

Yes, Zumi!  I decided to enter Zumi in rally, puppy class, since she was there anyway :)  At the puppy level you can feed a treat anytime you want, as long as the treats are kept in a pocket instead of in your hand.  I fully planned on treating as often as needed to keep her focus and teach her that ring=awesome!  Expectations were low that she would even sit in heel position!  Actually until the week of the trial I hadn't yet worked on sitting in heel and even when I asked for a sit in front of me I usually got a down instead.

Apparently Zumi had higher goals for herself!  She not only had amazing focus but actually did several sits in heel, immediately when asked!  Only sign we actually faked our way through was the sit-stand-forward.  I used a hand touch cue to get Zumi out of her sit and then immediately praised and moved forward almost instantly before she could sit or down again :)  Zumi actually looked like a trained dog!  Video to come!

Vito- Open
Brave and happy Toller!  Didn't quite do full focus during the ring entrance, but quickly looked back to me during leash removal when I said his name.  I loved his attitude and focus to our first setup and he continued it during the heel pattern.  Only a small look away to the judge at one section.  Super nice jumping up when asked in between exercises and setup quickly each time.

Main error was a skipped front on the drop on recall.  And then more points lots of my part when I gave him an extra command to stay as I tried to shimmy over him after the mini go out.  But happiness!  Energy!  And bonus work on even trying to be straight on his dumbbell fronts!

Squirrely!  Excited to be back in his trial post injury!  Lance was entered in one round of CDSP Utility and one round of Cynosport rally level 3 each day.  Very good work in both on Saturday.  Just not quite working his fronts and finishes very hard like he had been starting to before the break.  Sadly Lance did not want to lie down on signals.  Gave him the signal twice and he just gave me a blank stare until I used a verbal.

achieve1dream  – ( June 15, 2015 at 7:51 PM )  

How exciting!!!! Congrats to Zumi for her first trial and her first blue!!

I'm glad the other two did well. Vito looked great in the video!

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