Zumi 6 months

Zumi is officially over 6 months now!  And actually she really has started to change over this last week.  Food drive started decreasing again.  Much slower to start eating her meals although she is still willing to be trained with it at home.  At the club she will sometimes work for food, but without the spark and drive I like.  And sometimes won't want food at all.  So mainly working with toys in public and using food to train the new behaviors at home.

Boundary training is going fairly well now too!  Since one of the employee dogs likes to push open the gate at the end of our little hallway and go on sprees, I decided it was time to start!  Vito and Lance already are good about not joining in the fun of the escaped dogs, and now Zumi gets to be one of the good dogs too.

So far she is doing awesome at not crossing the open gate with low level distractions, for quite a long duration.  I peek my head around the corner of my cubicle every now and then, and Zumi just lies at the gate opening.

She also stay in if I exit the hallway and go out of sight, but I don't trust her duration as much in this case.  And while Zumi s actually doing pretty well if  person or dog walks by, I don't fully trust her yet!  Since I'm not at my cubicle that much, Zumi is still crated most of the day.  But we practice our boundary training every morning before the other pet dogs arrive.

Jumping on people is still a huge issue but progress continues to be made slowly.  Zumi is faster at offering down or sit and holds it slightly longer before lunging again.  If off leash and a person comes in she only jumps about 50% of the now immediately, although odds of her jumping within the first 15 seconds are still about 100%.

achieve1dream  – ( June 15, 2015 at 8:04 PM )  

So cute! I love boundary training. For some reason that always impresses people more than the tricks lol. I do it as just basic manners, but apparently it's a big deal with people who don't train their dogs at all... *sarcasm* It sounds like Zumi is picking it up really fast. Such a good girl!

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