NADAC trial this weekend that I took Vito to on Sunday.  It was weird not running the Corgi as NADAC was definitely his thing.  Not sure how much more NADAC we will be doing in the future if it's just Vito trialing, but we did have fun on Sunday!

First run was jumpers and while I apparently didn't lead out quite far enough to get my front cross in timely, Vito was OK with me stuffing him awkwardly and ran decently fast for him.  Still barely made time by 1/2second but it was in no way Sad Toller speed.

Chances was next and the distance game always eludes Vito.  But Vito shocked me and was sprinting on course and even did 2 tandem turns at quite the distance!  Made it through 75% of the distance challenge and then just didn't stay out far enough to take the last challenge.  So happy with how he ran and the distance he was able to work at!

Regular round 1 &2 were our last runs.  Vito was again very sassy!  Round 1 Vito actually made fastest time of all heights!  I actually came off course exhausted from trying to sprint so hard to avoid his rear crosses!  Round 2 Vito actually broke his start line!  We do have an agreement that in trials Vito can do whatever he wants, but usually I can sense his breaking and am prepared to just go with it.  This time I was barely a foot past the first jump when Vito came sailing over it. Since I wasn't prepared I stopped moving and teased him and then set him back to the 2nd obstacle.  He took a bar down  but otherwise it was another fast run.  Even with our little delay at the start Vito was 4.97yds per second.  Happy Toller loves his standard runs!

I'm mainly excited that Vito now has 3 trials in a row of running and being Happy Toller.  Hopefully that early March USDAA trial of sadness is now behind us and he can continue on the right track.

Zumi was also excited to be at the trial.  Her very first time being on dirt!  Played and trained very well for me inside although also flailed towards lots and lots of people when not working.  Outside she was intrigued by the horses.  A bit nervous, but felt safe watching from a distance.

achieve1dream  – ( June 15, 2015 at 8:17 PM )  

Cute horse/Zumi picture! I'm glad happy Toller is back!

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