Agility Run Throughs

Duckie and Toller went to an agility run through today!  Opportunity for more trial routine practice for Vito but a surprise toy in the ring and opportunity for Zumi to work on "new" equipment and focus.  It was pretty quiet and had more of a class feel than a trial feel but still beneficial as neither dogs have done classes there.  Zumi's one other match was held at the same location.

Vito's first run was super super Sad Toller.  Like worse then it's been in a trial in a long time type sad.  I got some fake screaming at me on the start but he was just really not there.  Even starting with the dogwalk as his 2nd obstacle didn't get him up.  Lots of running by obstacles and just running next to me instead.  Even after several toy rewards he only half way perked up.  It's not that he looked nervous about anything or distracted, he just was not into the whole agility thing.

His second turn he perked up quite a bit.  Still slow to turn on outside the ring but we achieved happiness before entering and was able to maintain it.  I rewarded a ton and Vito didn't run by any obstacles.  My dog was magically there again.

Zumi also had two runs.  Did her weaves at a new place!  Slipped a bit and still stayed in (damn that turf!).  Dogwalks looked nice with both straight exits and a flip out to a tunnel underneath.  Teeter was the most hesitant.  Very happy to do but wanted to wait in a 4 on instead of going all the way to her 2o2o position.  Handled very nicely for short sequences other than wanting to orbit out to nowhere on a small push to the backside of a jump.  Very happy Duck!  I think we're on track for the end of April trial debut in UKI!

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