Sassy Corgi

The Corgi has only continued to get more and more sassy the last several months.  So much barking!  Lance apparently feels the need to bark now as soon as he enters the house any time we were away from home.  He runs into the living room and then turns around and barks at me until I've finished stripping off my winter clothes and make my way into the room.  Or he alternates running to bark at Adam and then back in my direction.

And while Lance has always started the barking whenever someone comes home, now it changes from the initial slight alarm bark into that demand barking until the person fully acknowledges him for however long the Corgi deserves to be talked and petted to.

The biggest change I can think of is that I've occasionally been leaving Lance home when I go to work the days when Adam expects to be home pretty early in the afternoon.  Lance is usually very happy to be left and I actually have to call him to the door on days I need to take him!

No changes with his back.  Still very  happy to run around and doesn't seem to have any issues at all when at a park.  However a few hours after we get home from park days or too much running in the yard and the limping starts.  Typically only lasts that evening and maybe the next day before he's fine again.

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